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Catalog Photo Submissions

Catalog Photo Submissions

Catalog Photo Submissions

Please read all the terms and conditions before submitting any images

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  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old.  If you are younger you must have a parent or legal guardian make the submission for you.
  • All submitted photos must have been taken by the photographer making the entry. If you are a parent or legal guardian submitting for a minor, please make it clear and who you are actually submitting for.
  • For each photo you must also send your name (if photography company please provide that as well) and if you wish a brief description of the photo. Any photo submission sent without at least the name of the photographer will be automatically declined. 
  • All photos must be large in size (300 pixels per inch) if you are not sure what the pixels are feel free to send the photo in for the editorial staff to determine if it will be large enough or not. 




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