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  • Garmin Alpha 100 Build Your Own Bundle Sale
  • Garmin Alpha 100 Build Your Own Bundle
  • Garmin TT15 collar collars exclusively with Outdoor Dog Supply
  • Garmin Alpha Combo
  • Garmin Alpha Handheld and TT15 collar with Outdoor Dog Supply Orange Camo Bag
  • Garmin Non-Adjustable Mount for Drive Track 70
  • ODS Window Mount for Garmin Handhelds
  • ODS Premium Adjustable Window Mount
  • ODS Premium Friction Mount
  • ODS Long Arm Window Mount
  • ODS Flexible Goose Neck Floor Mount
  • ODS Premium Aluminum Arm Floor Mount
  • ODS Double Gooseneck Mount
  • ODS Heavy Duty Double Window Mount
  • ODS Heavy Duty Double Aluminum Arm Floor Mount
  • Protective Squishy Case
  • Outdoor Dog Supply Collar/Duffle Bag
  • ODS Adjustable Window Mount
  • ODS Premium Adjustable Window Mount
  • ODS Premium Long Arm Window Mount
  • 18" Mag Mount
  • Long Whip & ODS 4.7" Base Mag Mount
  • Long Whip & ODS 5.9" Base Mag Mount
  • Bracket Mount
  • Hood Mount (Quick Connect Only)
  • Quick Connect - 3 PC
  • Flexible extendable antenna that doubles as a standard and long range antenna
  • Flex and Extend Antenna
  • Flexible Whippy Antenna
  • Super Extend and Fold Antenna - a.ka. Fishing Pole
  • Squishy Case
  • GizzMo Case
  • Handheld Case Cover
  • Leather Alpha Holster
  • Garmin Screen Protectors
  • Multi-Charger for Garmin Alpha and Garmin TT15 Collars
  • Multi-Charger with 10 Cables
  • Multi-Charger with 10 Cable & Clips
  • Name tag on the antenna keeper

 Product Description

Garmin Alpha TT15 Combo - Build Your Own Bundle

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Exclusively from Outdoor Dog Supply

Need help building your perfect bundle? Call our experts at 757-482-1000 or compare our professionally

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Now you can "Build Your Own Bundle" and fully customize your Garmin Alpha combo to get what you need and save money!

All of Outdoor Dog Supply's Garmin Alpha TT15 combos include the following:  

  • Outdoor Dog Supply's Expert Tech Support
  • Outdoor Dog Supply's Warranty Service 
  • Free One-Year Subscription to Garmin Birdseye Satellite Imagery
  • Outdoor Dog Supply's Lanyard
  • Premium Collar Straps in your choice of colors
  • Custom Name Plates on your collars
  • Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld
  • Garmin TT15 Collar
  • Garmin Short VHF Handheld Antenna
  • Garmin Extended Range Handheld Antenna
  • Garmin Field Bag*
  • Garmin Li-Ion Handheld Battery
  • Garmin Home Charger
  • Garmin Vehicle Charger
  • Garmin Splitter Cable
  • Garmin Belt Clip
  • Garmin USB Cord
  • Garmin TT15 Charging Clip/Cable
  • Garmin Long Contact Posts
  • Garmin Orange Stim Plug

*Please note: if you select a collar bag, then the field bag will be removed from the combo and replaced with the collar bag of your choice.   

Build Your Own Add-Ons are listed below. As you add a selected item to your Garmin Alpha bundle, your price will adjust automatically. The Garmin Alpha optional add-ons are as follows:

  • Standard TT15 Collars or Mini TT15 Collars - You have a choice between the standard TT15 collars or the Mini TT15 collars
  • Add TT15 Collars - 1 TT15 is included with your bundle, click on 2 through 20 to add 1 to 19 extra collars for an additional $299.99 per collar.
  • Add DriveTrack 70 - This 7" navigation device bluetooth's to your Alpha handheld so that you can track your dog on a big screen in your truck! When not using it for the dogs, this device is also a full navigation system that can also hook up to your phone. 
  • DriveTrack 70 Screen Protectors - this is a set of two screen protectors that are easy to apply and protects your DriveTrack screen from scratches and dust. 
  • ODS DriveTrack 70 Case - this hard case fits your DriveTrack 70 just right and protects it with a hard shell. Perfect for keeping your DriveTrack safe when not in use. 
  • DriveTrack 70 Squishy Case - protect your Garmin DriveTrack with this soft Outdoor Dog Supply exclusive case. 5 colors to choose from.
  • Collar Bag - Choose from our custom collar bags or stick with the standard Garmin bag. Please note if you select a collar bag, then the field bag will be removed from the combo and replaced with our collar bag you chose.
  • Quick Connect Kit - Our three piece quick connect kit allows for easy changing of your antennas. The base (brass) piece attaches to your handheld, the antenna (silver) piece attaches to any standard SMA antenna to adapt them to the quick connect. So instead of screwing antennas off and on it is just a quick half turn, saving wear and tear on your handheld and antennas! If you choose the quick connect kit any add on accessories will be for the quick connects. If you do not want to use quick connects any add on accessories will be standard screw on sma. 
  • Short Top Handheld Antenna - this antenna is small, but works like a charm. It is 2.5" long.
  • Flex Extend Antenna - this sturdy antenna has a flexible base and extends from 6" to 24"
  • Super Extend & Fold Antenna - This is our longest ranging antenna. It's telescopic and goes from 10" (non folded) to 43" and can fold over against the side of your handheld when not in use. A customer favorite.
  • Garmin Alpha Screen Protector - a pack of 3 screen protectors to protect the screen from dirt, dust, and scratches. Does not effect screen sensitivity.
  • 8 GB SD Card - while a BirdsEye subscription is already included with your bundle and is activated on your handheld for you, in order to save the memory on your handheld we recommend downloading the BirdsEye files to an SD card. 
  • Garmin DriveTrack Mounts - For those that get the Garmin DriveTrack 70, you can upgrade your mount. The Garmin DriveTrack 70 does come with it's own mount, however this is a smaller mount with very limited adjustability so you can keep that one or swap it out for one of the upgraded ODS mounts (recommended). We offer 10 different mounts:
  • Window Mounts - choose from 3 different mounts
  • Truck Mounts - We have 5 options for you to choose from
    • 18" Mag Mount - this shorter antenna really reaches out. It has a 4.7" Base.
    • Long Whip & ODS 4.7 Base Mag Mount - This mount has a 4.7" base with approx. 48" whip
    • Long Whip & ODS 5.9" Base Mag Mount - Our largest base at 5.9" and has an approx. 48" whip with a spring on it. Quick Connect only.
    • Bracket Mount - This mount does not have a magnet, it has an L bracket that is great for the fender or dog box with approx. 48" whip.
    • Hood Mount - This mount does not have a magnet, it has a U bracket that attaches to the hood of your truck and an approx. 48" whip. Quick Connect Only.
  • GizzMos & Squishy Cases - these are two different types of cases for your handheld
    • GizzMo Case - this is a heavy duty textured rubber case with a clip on the back and a lanyard. This is a bulkier, heavier duty case that does not work well if you change out antennas often as you have to open the case and seconds can count in the heat of the hunt. This case leaves your buttons and screen accessible but does not cover them. Military grade, this is made to withstand the heavy abuse from even the toughest hunter! 
    • Squishy Case - this case is like a protective glove for your handheld. It covers the buttons but leaves the charging port and screen accessible. This case works well with the quick connects.
  • Pouch - this rugged canvas-like pouch has a loop on the back so you can keep your handheld on your belt. Keep your handheld protected when not in use or while running through the woods. 
  • Leather Holster - top quality holster that gives you full access to your charger, screen, and buttons while in the case. Has a clip on it as well so you can attach this holster wherever you need it. Very nice genuine leather case.
  • Multi Charger - Outdoor Dog Supply brought this item to the market to combat the charging issues when charging multiple collars/handhelds. This charger can charge up to 10 devices at a time - wether they are collars, handhelds, or both! No more searching for enough outlets or dealing with an excess of cords, now you can charge them all in one convenient place. Three options are available: multi charger only, multi-charger with 10 cables (recommended for this bundle), and multi-charger with 10 cables and 10 charging clips.
  • Name Tags on Antenna Keeper - we can now attach custom brass name plates with the information of your choice to the antenna keeper on your collars. These are easy to read and a great way to identify your collars. If you would like different tag information on each collar, please just let us know at checkout in the order comments. Each tag allows for up to 3 lines of text, but we cannot put email addresses on the tags.




 Warranty Information

1 Year Garmin Warranty

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  1. Just Borrow one and you'll be hooked 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Aug 2016

    I recently purchased the alpha combo and an additional tt15 for my dogs. I borrowed a friends last year because I had issues with both dogs making long range routes and also turning out on deer that would sometimes end up taking the remainder of the day to reign back in. I used his on one hunt and I was hooked. It was easy to use and set up. I was able add dogs, link to other users and their dogs, and also map out trails almost over night. An added bonus I found was the acre calculator that I recently learned how to utilize. When he asked for his back I was at a loss. I even tried to revert back to no tracking devices and it was a harsh reality of how much I now depended on the Alpha. When I was ready to load up or even turn direction, a simple tone to their collar was all it took. They respond quickly to the training aspect also. They are certainly priced on the high end but I care enough about my dogs to ensure their safety and on the other hand this was a small price compared to what I have in the on going amount spent to maintain these dogs

  2. Great Tool for dog hunters 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2016

    I couldn't be any happier with this product. I have no fear of not knowing where my dogs are and what they are doing ! Oh the sleep I could have saved over the years had this been available 20 years ago ! I highly recommend this product


Garmin Alpha TT15 Combo - Build Your Own Bundle

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