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  • Garmin DC50 Collar
  • Garmin DC50 Collar with included Accessories
  • Garmin DC-50 GPS Dog Collar
  • Garmin DC50 Dog GPS Collar on a black strap
  • Garmin DC 50 Dog GPS collar on a light blue strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog GPS collar on a lime green strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog GPS collar on a green strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog GPS collar on a reflective lime green strap.
  • Garmin DC 50 dog tracking GPS collar on an orange strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective black strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a pink strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective blue strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a red strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a purple strap.
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective orange strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective pink strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog tracking gps collar on a reflective purple strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective red strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a tan strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a silver strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a reflective yellow strap
  • Gramin DC 50 dog gps collar on a teal strap
  • Garmin DC 50 dog gps collar on a white strap
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 Product Description

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Garmin DC-50 GPS Dog Collar for the Astro 320 

Garmin DC50 Color Collar Options and Ring or No "D" Ring Option 

Garmin has introduced their newest collar the the Garmin Astro series the - Garmin DC50 Collar. This rugged, all-weather collar has a high-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS and GLONASS-enabled receiver that works ONLY with the Astro® 320 handheld. The Garmin DC 50's ability to track additional satellites using a combined GPS and GLONASS system helps locate your dog more quickly and maintain location even in heavy tree cover or deep valleys, canyons, and mountains. A braided steel VHF antenna replaces the flexible antennas of previous DC-series collars to add additional reliability and achieves a range of up to 9 mi, depending on the terrain. The battery life has been improved to 26 to 54 hours, depending on the update rate. Plus the Garmin DC-50’s innovative bark detection technology alerts you if your dog is barking even beyond audible range.

  • Increased Tracking Ability: Garmin's Astro DC50 has a high-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS receiver (very similar to Garmin Alpha TT10 collars) is now able to receive its GPS signals from GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites. This adds more satellites your collar can connect with, helping eliminate dropped satellite connections.
  • New VHF Antenna: First off Garmin includes 2 new VHF antennas with each DC50 collar.  The long range is mounted on the DC50 collar and the standard range is included in the box.  New to the Astro series, but not new to Garmin, the DC50 collar has a more flexible, thinner, sleeker, VHF antenna made of aircraft-grade braidedsteel. This is the same antenna that they have been using with great sucess on the Garmin Alpha TT10 collars.  Using this antenna with the GLONASS system ensures better tracking than what the Garmin DC40 and DC30 provided. The Garmin DC50 dog collar will come with the Garmin long range 22.5” antenna mounted on the collar and the standard tracking Garmin antenna of 18.5" will also be included in the box.  Replacement antennas in both 18.5" and 22.5" are available for purchase seperately as well, which is perfect in case your dogs chew the end of the antennas.  
  • Easily Changeable Collar Straps:  The Garmin DC50 collar set up is very similar to the Garmin Alpha TT10. The collar straps on the DC50, as with the Garmin Alpha TT10 collars, easily slide through the sections on the e-collar box, therefore eliminating the need for any tools when you want to quickly change collar straps. Garmin actually made the spacing a little thicker on the Garmin DC50 collars compared to the Alpha TT10 collars, so they are actually a lot easier to change than the Garmin Alpha TT10 collars.  This new design in the Astro series has made it so any 1" dayglo type collar will slide right onto your tracking unit in seconds. With this new set up you would also be able to slide any shock collar (such as a Tri-Tronics EXP) onto this DC50 collar. Outdoor Dog Supply's collar are special made with closer hole spacing than aftermarket collar makers, this is important to get the best fit possible for your pet.  In addition, you can opt for Ring or No Ring by the buckle.
  • Bark Detection: NEW to the Garmin Astro series is bark detection. Garmin is the first and currently only GPS tracking system to offer bark detection.  You can choose several options for the bark detection feature on the Garmin DC50 collar (Tone, Vibrate, Tone and Vibrate, Message Only, or Off).  Your 320 comes preset to "Off".  If use turn this bark feature on, the Garmin Astro 320 users can see the rate-per-minute at which each of their dogs is barking.  This is a great feature when the dog in not in audible range from your location. On the Astro 320 the bark status of each dog is displayed on both the map screen, the individual dog screen, and compass screen. Garmin DC50 users are able to establish a minimum rate of barks per minute (20, 40, 60, or 80 bpm) before they are alerted by their Garmin Astro 320. Please note that the DC50 collar needs to be fitted appropriately on the dog for the Bark Detection to work properly.
  • Advanced Charging Ability/Options: How many people have lost their charging clips because you unhooked the charger from the clip, instead of removing the charging clip, well not any more!  The charging clip is permanently attached to the cord (one less part to lose and one less part to buy). However, the cord is not permantely attached to the wall charger.  The cord comes with the standard USB interface base that you can plug in 3 different ways: (1) you can plug into an AC outlet - aka home charger, (2) a vehicle charge port, or the (3) USB port on a computer.  Now it is super easy to connect your collar to the computer to do a software update to your Garmin DC50 collar directly.  All you will have to do is attach the charging clip/cord, plug your DC50 into your computer through the USB port and run Garmin Web Updater.
  • Battery Life: Garmin's DC50 now yield several extra hours of battery life.  
  • Rescue Mode: Another new feature to the Garmin Astro dog tracking line of products is the Rescue Mode (currently available in the Garmin Alpha series).  The Rescue Mode a function that saves the battery life in your DC50 collar.  This fuction can be "On" or "Off".  If you have Rescue Mode "On", it automatically switches your collar update rate to once every 2 minutes (120 seconds) when the battery has been used up to 25% of a full charge. Rescue Mode provides several additional hours of battery life to the DC50 collar, giving you more time to retrieve a dog before the Garmin DC50 collar battery dies.  This feature can be turned off if a user doesn’t wish to have their update rate changed, you must go to each dog on your dog list, press menu to get to the dog menu and then turn "on" or "off" this feature.  You have to change this feature when you have collar, you cannot change this information once the dog is hunting. 
  • New DC-50 Tone Indicator: Your collar will now beep when the DC50 collars has been added to the Garmin Astro 320 handheld. This feature was not available in the Garmin DC30 and Garmin DC40 GPS dog collars.  This tone serves as a confirmation that you have added the GPS collar correctly. 
  • PIN Lock:  Now you can used a 4-digit code for each of your Garmin DC50 collars so no one else can track those dogs without the PIN number. This is a great feature for field trials or hunting groups that have a multiple groups of dogs to track.
  • Power Button:  Like the Garmin Alpha TT10 collar the button is on the inside of the collar (up against the dogs neck), instead of on the side like the previous DC collar versions.  The DC50 collar's power button is easier to turn on than the TT10 collars too.  The location of the power button on the Garmin DC50 helps prevent accidentally power off's by other collars on your dog, or during random situations that can happen during the chase.  In addition, the back side improved placement will also provide more protection from everyday wear and tear.
  • Protective Antenna Sleeve: The Garmin DC50 are set up very simliar to the Garmin Alpha TT10's, therefore you will no longer have to purchase Outdoor Dog Supply's protective nylon jacket, use zip ties, or use electrical tape to secure your loose antennas. The Garmin DC50 collars set up is such that it provides a protective antenna and collar sleever.  This helps protector the antenna and the collar strap.  In addition this feature also keeps your antenna in the best proper placement to receive satellite signals. 
  • Track Up To 10 Dogs:  There has been no change the the amount of dogs the Garmin Astro 320 can track.  10 DC collars is the most GPS dog tracking collar you can track simultaneously, so whether that is 10 DC50 collars, 5 DC50s and 5 DC40s, or an combination of.  Remember the 320 is the only handheld that can track DC50 collars.


In the Box:

  • Garmin DC-50 gps wireless transmitter gps dog collar with a 22.5" long range antenna on your choice of colored collar strapcollar-and-accessories.jpg
  • 18.5" standard antenna
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle charging adapter
  • Charging cable
  • Quick start manual
Unit Dimensions: WxHxD: 3.5” x 1.9” x 1.8” (9.0 x 4.9 x 4.6 cm)

Collar length: 12" (30.5 cm) to 20" (50.8 cm) adjustable collar


  • 7.2 oz (212.0 g) for transmitter and antenna
  • 10.2 oz (228.0 g) total weight

Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable

Battery life: 26-54 hours (user adjustable transmit rate of 5, 10, 30 or 120 seconds)

Waterproof: 10 m (33 ft)

High-sensitivity receiver: yes

  • High-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Braided stainless steel VHF antenna
  • Improved battery life of 26 to 54 hours, depending on update rate
  • Innovative bark detection technology
  • Dog position updates every 5-, 10-, 30- or 120-seconds
  • Nine mile range, depending on terrain
  • Collar Lock prevents unauthorized Astro users from tracking your dog
  • Tough, rugged and waterproof to 10 m (33 ft)

Garmin DC 50 Collars

Sometimes Referred to as:  Garmin DC50 Collar, Garmin dc 50 collar, garmin dc-50 collar, garmin astro dc50 collar, garmin astro dc-50 collar, garmin astro dc 50 collar, garmin astro gps collar, garmin astro 320 collar, garmin astro collar

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 Warranty Information

1-Year Garmin Warranty

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  1. Great Tracking Collar

    Posted by R. Davis on 14th May 2014

    The DC50 collar is hands down the best of the 3 Astro collars. I had the DC30s and DC40s and the DC30 was was a good collar but when the 40's came out I upgraded to the 40s and I felt that was a downgrade from the DC30 tracking. So it left a bitter taste in my mouth and was caused me to be a little skeptical when the 50s came out. I upgraded to the DC50 and man they did not let me know. I was extremely happy to get rid of my DC40s and my wildlife collars. WIth my DC50s I was comfortable to turn my dogs out without double collars. The DC50 has done nothing but make me happy Garmin made so many great changes when they made the DC50. The battery life is outstanding 34-36 hours on a 5 second update. The bark detection is also pretty cool because when all my dogs are at full bark on the bark meter in a knot on the screen I know they're running a deer. The DC50 is the best collar for the Astro 320.


    Posted by DON on 7th Jan 2014


  3. We are glad the new Garmin DC 50 is here

    Posted by Beach Billy on 18th Jul 2013

    Take the best features of the Garmin DC 30s and Garmin DC 40s add a few more satellites, better battery life, rugged steel whip antenna, bark indicator and here it is the new Garmin DC 50.


Garmin Astro DC50 Collar

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