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Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Review by ODS

Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Review by ODS

Garmin Delta Review by Beach Billy, Outdoor Dog Supply

Being in the pet containment industry for over 15 years we have seen many remote trainers come and go.  After ample testing on the Garmin Delta, this simple yet technologically advanced remote system is the best bang for your buck (for most dogs) you can buy.  We expected no less from a company like Garmin.  

Garmin has introduced the BRAND NEW Delta Training Remote System.  At only $199.99 you can't find a better product for the price.  

The Garmin Delta has:

  • Half-Mile Range (our test resulted in approximately 300 yards in thicker terrain)


  • 18 Levels of Stimulation - Incredible Adjustability!  Levles 1-8 are suitable for the smallest of dogs.  After level 8 there is a steady increase to 14 through 18, which will be suitable for the most stubborn of dogs.


  • Tone and Vibration - You have three different setups to configure your handheld to the buttons  that best suit you.

Garmin Delta Button Configuration Chart

Button 1




Button 2




Button 3




  • Up to 3 Dogs at once- (Control up to 3 dogs with one remote.  Additional Delta receiver e-collars needed.  Each dog has his own settings in the collar so you never have to worry about over correction of one dog or under correcting another.  Great customization!
Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Transmitter Review

The Garmin Delta tranmsitter has a bright easy to ready LCD display that shows you stimulation levels, button configuration, which dog is being selected, and the transmitter battery life.  There is a lot of technology wrapped up in the small remote.  The Garmin Delta transmitter case is made of a durable yet easy to grip plastic and has a very visible power and scroll buttons on the side. The noise and stimulation buttons are large and have enough resistance that they will not be pressed down on accident.  Overall, I really liked the design and feel it is extremely user friendly.

Garmin Delta Remote Trainer E-Collar Receiver Review

There is a lot of technology packed into this small Garmin Delta rechargeable receiver e-collar.  It is recommened for dogs 8 pounds or larger, but with the 2.4 ounce weight, Lupine straps, and extremly light levels in the receiver ecollar, it could be used on smaller dogs (my mother-in-laws 4 1/2 lb. toy poodle carried the receiver just fine. Since Garmin Delta Remote trainer has independent settings for each collar, you can have a small dog and large dog on the same remote.

Recharging the Garmin Delta ECollar

Recharging your Garmin Delta receiver collar is very easy.  Garmin has included in the kit a snap on charging clip.  The light on the receiver is red until the unit is charged, it then displays a green light.

Contact Posts on the Garmin Delta Receiver Collar

The only real negative I can see is the Garmin Delta Receiver E-Collar only comes with one size built-in prongs (contact posts) and are not replaceable.  The Garmin Delta receiver collar is one solid piece which is great because no tension is put on the e-collar contact posts (preventing the prongs from snapping or cracking of the receiver case); however the downside is that if you have a long haired pet or an extremely thick skinned dog you might have to look at other options.  

Battery Life on the Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Handheld (Transmitter) and Garmin Delta Receive E-Collar

Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Receiver ECollar

After all of our tests and working with the Garmin Delta E-Collar we left the Delta receiver collar on the to see how long it would stay powered.  With all the use it still stayed on longer than the 60 hours Garmin listed, it was actually closer to 70 hours.  We have not had the transmitter on long enough to fully test, but we understand the Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Transmitter battery life last for weeks not days.

Charging Your Garmin Delta Remote Trainer Batteries

The light on the front of your receiver collar indicates how charged your receiver is.  The red light indicates it's almost dead.  A yellow light indicates the unit needs charging and the green light means the Garmin Delta Remote Trainer has plenty of battery life.  Green is good!


Like most Garmin products the Garmin Delta Remote Trainer comes with a One Year Full Parts and Labor warranty.  This protects you against possible defects or possible problems that can arrise in a new product.

 ~Beach Billy



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