Collars, Name Tags, & Leads

Find the perfect dog collar for your dog at Outdoor Dog Supply! We offer our customers an array of colors, sizes, and types of dog collar tags. All dog collars can come with name plates custom-made from brass.

  • Custom Name Tags

    Custom Name Tags

  • 3/4`` Dog Collars

    3/4`` Dog Collars

  • 1`` Dog Collars

    1`` Dog Collars

  • 1.5`` Dog Collars

    1 1/2`` Dog Collars

  • Garmin GPS Replacement Straps

    Garmin GPS Straps

  • Dog Leads

    Dog Leads

  • Dog Lead Splitters

    Dog Lead Splitters

Custom Name Tags

Outdoor Dog Supply’s custom dog collar tags are deeply stamped brass plates that look very nice and are easy to read. Attached with standard rivets

3/4″ Dog Collars

3/4″ Leather Dog Collars with Nameplate

3/4″ Lupine Dog Collars

1″ Dog Collars

Garmin GPS Replacement Collar Straps