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The Garmin Alpha 100 is the leading Multi-dog track and train touch screen GPS system. Get the best out of your hunt with the combination of Garmin’s GPS tracking and Tri-Tronics training technologies in the Alpha 100 handheld & TT15 or TT15 Mini collar. With the GLONASS GPS receiver of the Alpha & TT15 combo, tracking to follow and retrieve your dog has never been better. Whether you have one dog or anywhere up to 20 dogs, the track and train features in the Alpha bundles make it easy to follow your dog’s speed, distance, and direction. This system offers several different tone, shock and vibration modes for training and correcting behavior in the field.

Buying Outdoor Dog Supply’s Alpha Bundles, we can help you to get the most out of your new Garmin Alpha tracking system with the largest selection of Garmin Alpha 100 accessories, free upgraded collar strap, knowledgeable tech-support and our exclusive in house warranty program. Don’t forget our trade in or trade up program as well, just give us a call for a quote or any assistance you may need at 757-482-1000.

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Garmin Alpha 100 Bundles

Garmin Alpha 100 and TT15 or TT15 Mini bundles exclusively created for all types of dog hunting. Each bundle is built to be affordable and paired with the best accessories to get the most out of your hunt. Also, don’t forget about our knowledgable tech-support, trade in or trade up program and FREE shipping to get the best bang for your buck. Contact us for any questions you may have.

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