Basic 1" Collar
Basic 1" Collar
1" Basic Red Straps
1" Basic Black Straps

1″ Basic Dog Collar

Fits a 10″ to 27″ neck.

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Basic Dog Collar

These are great well made, inexpensive 1-inch dog collars that come in four different colors – red, blue, and black. These collars have been removed off of the Garmin Tracking collars and replaced with our Glow Tuff Collars. These plain dog collars are perfect name tag collars, puppy collars, or just to keep so that you have extras when you need them. They have very tight hole spacing to make sure you get the proper fit and are small enough to fit on puppies. These 1-inch dog collars adjust down to a neck size of 10″, and can fit dogs up to 27″ neck sizes. Just trim any excess off. These plain dog collars have a square d-ring near the buckle that you can clip a lead to but it is more of a collar strap keeper. Save by ordering a 10-pack of these wholesale dog collars!

For your convenience, we include a brass name tag plate riveted on the 1-inch dog collar strap.
Each name tag plate is provided up to 3 lines of personalized contact information of your choice. The text on the name tag plates are in all caps making it consistent and readable.

Here are what most of our customers request on our name tags:

First Line: Your Name OR Dog’s Name (18 characters including spaces)
Second Line: Phone Number OR Address (16 characters including spaces)
Third Line: Phone Number or Address (18 characters including spaces)

Some only use the 2 lines provided and not all 3


First Line: Your Name OR Dog’s Name (18 characters including spaces)
Second Line:
Third Line: Phone Number or Address (18 characters including spaces)

Other common information requested on name tag plates:
Hunt Club
Radio Channel
Don’t Pick Up
Don’t Remove Collar
Owner’s Name

Red SKU: 010-11892-02
Orange SKU: 010-11892-00
Blue SKU: 010-11892-04
Black SKU: 010-11892-01

Inventory availability of these plain dog collars may very by color.

3 reviews for 1″ Basic Dog Collar

  1. 5 out of 5

    GREAT DEAL for a collar AND name/contact plate. My daughter just brought me one for a lab/rottie (5 months old) mix puppy that I just got. Though she ordered it from ebay for $4.50 (still a GREAT DEAL), I came to check out this site since they were thoughtful enough to enclose a business card with her order. Once I saw that they are ONLY $3.50 & free shipping here, I cut it to fit her for now. I know I will definitely be buying several more by the time she is full grown. At this price,… who could go wrong! Highly highly recommended!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Great collars!!! Colors stand out!! Name tags shine!!. Wish there were green, yellow, pink, etc.. Five Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Good cheap collar. Just what I needed for my eight wk old pups. Cheap, so I don’t mind if they get chewed off and good enough quality for the pups until they reach a larger size to start training.

    good price and rapid response time.

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