100 ft Multi Break Pet Fence Repair Kit

100 ft Multi Break Pet Fence Repair Kit

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100 ft “mini spool” of Professional Grade Underground fence wire for the do it yourselfers, landscapers, or sprinkler companies that need to be able to service an underground invisible pet fence you may have damaged! This is our contractor’s special, whether you need to repair multiple breaks, repair damaged wire, adding additional flowerbeds to an existing invisible fence than this is just the product you need.  This product will repair any underground, hidden, invisible pet fence whether you have Invisible Fence ®, Pet Safe ®, Innotek ®, Dog Guard ®, DogWatch ®, Perimeter ®, Pet Stop ®, Contain A Pet ®, Havaheart ®, or other brand of a pet containment system and want to fix it yourself, but you don’t have the wire or underground splices? Here’s the answer to your problems!  Get your own repair kit, so you can do it yourself!  The wire will work with any pet fence. It is a 16 awg solid or stranded wire with a 45 mil jacket.  The jacket on the wire is important because that protects the wire in the ground. 45 mil jackets are professional grade jackets.  Even if you didn’t use this grade or size of wire, you can still attach this wire to your wire.

Also includes 10 nuts and 10 waterproof casings.

For your convenience, we offer 6 different length sizes, 5ft., 10ft., 15ft., 25ft., 50ft., and 100ft.  Please note only the 100ft spools are on a mini spools. The 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50 will not be on an individual spool. Click here for other repair kits.



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