1000 ft Wire Spool 16 awg Professional Dog Fence Wire
1000 ft Wire Spool 16 awg Professional Dog Fence Wire
500ft Wire Spool

Wire Spool 16 awg Professional Dog Fence Wire

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16 awg solid .045 MILLIMETER JACKET

THIS 16 GAUGE DOG FENCE WIRE IS FOR ALL INVISIBLE UNDERGROUND DOG FENCE SYSTEMS!  (including Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Pet Safe®, Dog Guard®, Innotek®, Perimeter Technology®, etc…)

450 ft. = approx. 1/4 acre

520 ft. = approx. 1/3 acre

620 ft. = approx. 1/2 acre

740 ft. = approx. 3/4 acre

850 ft. = approx. 1 acre

.45 Mil is one of the strongest jackets that you can get on the market for pet fence systems, and it is what professional pet fence installers use.  The jacket is important because that is what protects the invisible dog fence wire in the ground.  The 16 gauge invisible fence wire that you normally get with off the shelf or retail systems has a very thin jacket covering the wire, which makes it very subsumable to wire breaks and corrosion issues. Therefore, it is important that any invisible dog fence wire you put in the ground should have a minimum of a .030 mil jacket, but this is even better with a.045 mil jacket.  Why waste your time putting in the cheap wire, instead you should put in 16 gauge dog fence wire that will last in the ground for years and years to come. If you want an easy DIY repair solution, try our 100 ft. invisible fence wire repair kit Click Here.

Includes 2 waterproof splices (either orange or black will be shipped)

Wire SKU: OS-16SLD-45MIL
2 Waterproof Splices SKU: OS-2PK-SPLICE


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