Super Check Cord

Super Check Cord


Mendota Super Check Cord

These check cords are great for training new dogs out in the field. Whether your teaching your dog to work farther off, or teaching them vocal commands these work great. The larger diameter cord and larger brass snap give you greater control and make it easier to apply more force if necessary. The extra large size combined with the extra length allows you to give your dog more freedom while still being able to project your power and control over a significantly longer distance.

The XL brass snap on pieces are non-corrosive, and the cord is a 7/16″ high strength, multifilament polypropylene with a hard finish. The materials and processes used to make them waterproof so they float and dry out in just minutes! They’re also very hard to tangle, and cannot be hooked by burrs. This XL cord makes it easy to keep larger dogs close, or keep your wilder dogs in control. There is no better option to give your dogs the most freedom to hunt while still having them under control.

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50 ft SKU: 04922