Alpha 100 Squishy Protective Glow Case

Alpha 100 Squishy Protective Glow Case

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Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld Protective Glow Cover

Personalize it! Protect it! For use with Alpha 100 Handheld.

Available in 2 Colors: Green or Orange

This custom cover allows hunters to easily identify his handheld (especially helpful when hunting with multiple Alpha users).  And the bright colors add an element is visibility if you drop your Alpha in the woods and glows if you drop it at night. This cover will glow for several hours and when it needs “charged up” just expose it to light again and it will be ready to glow some more.

This covers has a side “grip” pattern allows for better handling of the unit (even when wearing gloves). The cover is marked to identify the Alpha’s power button and the button remains fully functional while in the case.

The Alpha 100’s entire screen area is viewable and usable while in the cover but we do sell screen protectors if you want full protection. Most importantly, all of the front buttons on the Alpha are covered to eliminate water, dust, dirt, debris, and mud from entering.

The cover includes a small opening at bottom which allows use of the Alpha’s lanyard clip, so you can still use your Outdoor Dog Supply lanyard with this cover. An additional lanyard/sling connector is located at the top of case, near the antenna opening for additional carrying options.

The Custom Alpha Cover still allows access to the Alpha’s charging connections – no need to take the unit out of the cover.


  • Available in Glow Green or Glow Orange
  • Raised side “grip” pattern
  • Marked and functional power button on side
  • Entire screen area remains visible while in cover
  • Front buttons are covered to eliminate water, dust, dirt, debris, and mud from entering
  • All buttons are marked and remain fully functional
  • Opening at bottom provides access to Alpha’s included lanyard clip
  • Additional lanyard/sling connector at top of case
  • Back opening allows access to Astro’s belt clip and charging connections



  1. 4 out of 5

    fits well…it does glow for sure…should be strong enuff to protect my Alpha 100…I would recommend this product

  2. 5 out of 5

    I was very pleased to realize that the quick connects would work with this case. And this thing glows like crazy

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