curicyn wound care clay
curicyn wound care clay

Curicyn Wound Care Clay

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Curicyn Wound Care Clay is packaged in a large mouth, 16 oz. container and has been prepared using a combination of bentonite clay, Curicyn Original Formula plus several other important ingredients to address open wounds or skin disorders in areas that are difficult to bandage or cover and areas in which a liquid product just does not work too well. Curicyn wound care clay contains a group of powerful ingredients that work to address bacteria at its source and promote rapid and healthy tissue regeneration and recovery. It has proven effective on a wide spectrum of animal issues including open wounds, lacerations, scrapes, burns, skin disorders, rashes, thrush, white line disease, scratches, pink eye, rain rot, hot spots and many other common ailments. Curicyn will not stain, burn, itch or create any sensitivity to the animal.

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