Dog Fence Surge Protector

Dog Fence Surge Protector


Protect your dog fence transmitter and outlet from lightening and power surges. You can use this unit with any pet fence transmitter, including: Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Pet Stop®, Pet Safe®, Dog Guard®, etc.  This will help protect your dog fence transmitter unit from damage that could be caused through power surges or lightening surges. Easy to install and use.

All brand names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.  The Invisible Fence Logo®, Invisible Fence®, Invisible Fencing®, Petsafe®, Radio Fence®, Safe Dog®, Powercap®, Invisible Gate®, Invisible Power®,  Shields®, ProLite™, R21®, R51®, A12®, and Computer Collar® are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.  DogWatch®, SafeLink™, and Pet Friendly™ are registered trademarks of DogWatch, Inc.  Dog Guard® is a registered trademark of Sunward Electronics, Inc.    PET STOP®, Safer By Design™, Comfort Contacts™, Gentle Spring™, SmartReceiver®, ComputerReceiver®, Perimeter®, UltraElite®, and UltraMax® are registered trademarks of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.


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