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Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar

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Q: Is the Dogtra IQ No Bark waterproof?

A: Yes, the Dogtra IQ No Bark is waterproof. If it is left on a dog in the rain or while they are swimming, it will not damage the collar.

Q: What functions come on the Dogtra IQ No Bark?

A: The Dogtra IQ No Bark comes with a Vibration setting (P), Vibration followed by a stimulation (1-10). The “T” that is also on the level dial is the Test Mode to make sure that it is working.

Q: How long do the batteries last in the Dogtra IQ No Bark?

A: The battery life of the Dogtra IQ No Bark depends on how frequently the device is used. On average, if the collar is activating 10 times a day on average, then the batteries will typically last 2 weeks.

Q: What indicator is there that the battery is low?

A: If the IQ No Bark is not activating or the LED indicator does not turn on, then the batteries are low or dead and need to be changed.

Q: What size dogs does the Dogtra IQ No Bark fit?

A: The IQ No Bark is recommended for use on dogs that are 10 pounds or heavier and above the age of 6 months.

Q: Fitting the Dogtra IQ No Bark to the dog properly

A:The collar should be snug against the dog’s skin, but not so tight that the dog cannot eat or drink without ease. The collar should not be able to slide around the dog’s neck. The prongs on the collar should be directly on the skin, to ensure that the dog will feel the correction. To get the prongs in contact the skin, wiggle it back and forth to get it through the dog’s coat.

Q: The dog is not responding to the correction

A: If the dog is not responding to the Dogtra IQ No Bark stimulation, make sure that the prongs are against the dog’s skin. If it is, turn the dial up on the stimulation, every dog responds different to the shock and a higher setting may be needed.

Q: Replacing the Batteries

A:To replace the batteries on the Dogtra IQ No Bark, use a coin or flat head screwdriver to take the battery cover off. Once the cover is off, replace the batteries with the plus side up and put the battery over back on.