Garmin Alpha 200 & TT15 Mini Track & Train Combo
Garmin Alpha 200 & TT15 Mini Track & Train Combo
Garmin TT15
Garmin Alpha 200i Side
Garmin Alpha 200i
Garmin Alpha 200i

Garmin Alpha 200 & TT15 Mini Track & Train Combo

The Alpha® 200 or 200i dog tracking and training system features inReach® satellite technology (200i Only), a sunlight-readable 3.5” touchscreen display and a button-operated, dog-focused design (active satellite subscription required; jurisdiction restrictions may apply).

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Garmin Alpha 200 or 200i & TT15 Mini GPS Track & Train Combo

The Alpha 200 or 200i dog tracking and training system allows you to monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles depending on your dog device. See your BirdsEye maps on the bright 3.5” display that is visible even in full daylight. Control training functions with the customizable button-operated, dog-focused design. Access premium Garmin navigation features, like preloaded TopoActive maps and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery – and now you can download your satellite imagery directly to your Alpha 200i with just a wi-fi connection. No more messing with the computer! The Alpha 200i also has built-in inReach technology – this adds two-way messaging, interactive SOS Alerts, and even weather updates (active satellite subscription required). 

Garmin Alpha 200 or 200i & TT15 Mini GPS Track & Train Combo

  • Easily setup and monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away with a 2.5-second update rate by using multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo).
  • Interactive SOS alerts and two-way messaging via the 100% global Iridium® satellite network (active satellite subscription required; jurisdiction restrictions may apply). Track or text no matter where you are at, no cell towers required. Use it to talk with your fellow hunters or text your wife and family to track where you are at. It also has an SOS button for emergencies and satellite weather so you are never truly lost, a subscription is required to access this feature (Alpha 200i Only). 
  • User-replaceable lithium-ion batteries last up to 20 hours; up to 15 hours with inReach® technology enabled.
  • 18 levels of correction, including vibration and adjustable tones.
  • Link to your smartphone or tablet with the free Garmin Explore App to give you real time tracking and satellite imagery. Your cell phone does not need service to use this feature.
  • Backward compatible so you can keep your existing collars and other Alpha® compatible devices; transfer location data between compatible Garmin devices.
  • New Hunt Metrics data shows each dog’s daily hunting patterns and behaviors per hunt so you can take measures to keep them healthy and safe. See the active hunt time and distance traveled for your Alpha 200i handheld as well as each paired collar device. 
  • Compatible with Garmin Explore website and app to help you manage tracks, routes, and waypoints and review statistics from the field.
  • Sleek, thinner design with a larger screen but still built tough to withstand the outdoors and is extremely heavy duty.
  • Phone-like touch screen that allows you to swipe up, down and side to side for easier navigation when using the extensive features. Adjust the sensitivity of the screen so that you can even use it with gloves. 
  • Side training buttons let you easily switch from dog to dog quickly and scroll without using the screen.
  • Sunlight readable screen gives you a brighter and clearer screen in sunlight – the sunnier it is, the brighter the screen automatically adjusts. Color rich display even in full sunlight.
  • The new multi-dog compass lets you have up to 4 dogs with their own compass at once. This view gives you a directional arrow for each dog as well as the distance and status. You also have an option to keep the old style with one compass and multiple arrows.
  • A redesigned dog list allows multiple groups of dogs – even if collars are inactive or interfere. Stop tracking one group and start tracking another group. Have your beagles on one group, hounds on another. Mix and match your friends’ handhelds with their dogs. The possibilities are endless!
  • Activate or deactivate any collar in your Dog List. When activated and tracking it shows the dog status and communication. It also lists your Dog ID, making it easier to organize you and your other dog runner’s IDs. You never have to go to your compass again to see which collars are connected with the handheld, now with a quick slide of a finger you can see it all!
  • Now you can customize your training buttons. Set your defaults to add dogs in like you want them, for example: vibrate/continuous/tone or set up individual dogs differently according to their training needs or style. 
  • The new (and vastly upgraded) training setup allows you to pre-set your buttons like you need them.  For example you can program your top three training buttons (located above the screen) as Vibrate (button 1), Continuous (button 2), Tone (button 3). Do this so that when you add new dogs the buttons are already the way you like, or you can manually set each dog differently. The Alpha 200 still has the Dog at Each Button option which is a favorite for the hunter or trainer with only two or three dogs and lets you tone or correct without having to look at the handheld.
  • BirdsEye Direct lets you choose an area you want to download, pick a size and it will upload through a wi-fi connection, straight to your handheld. You no longer have to mess with plugging your handheld into a computer and dealing with that finicky Garmin Basecamp software again! Never go to a new club or area again and not have BirdsEye!
  • The new competition timer gives you one countdown and 4 timers all in one screen. Name each individual timer so you can keep track of multiple counters at just a glance.

In the Alpha 200 or 200i Box:

  • Expert Tech Support with Outdoor Dog Supply
  • Our Outdoor Dog Supply Warranty Service
  • Garmin Alpha 200 or 200i Handheld
    • With an Outdoor Dog Supply Lanyard
  • Garmin TT15 Mini Track & Train collar
    • Choose your collar color and add a custom brass name plate
  • Garmin Short VHF Antenna
  • Garmin Long VHF Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • AC adapter
  • Charge cable (for TT15 Mini)
  • USB cables (micro and mini)
  • Contacts kit (short and long)
  • Documentation

Alpha 200i SKU: 010-02230-50
Alpha 200 SKU: 010-02616-50
TT15 Mini SKU: 010-01486-00

Beach Billy’s Alpha 200i Review – Top Ten Improvements over the Alpha 100

From Beach Billy himself:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked how it can get any better than the Alpha 100. Well here it is, the Alpha 200i. I’m going to assume that most reading this have used or at least know how the Alpha 100 works, so I am going to skip the basics and go right into the biggest improvements in the Alpha 200i.


  1. Lets start with my favorite feature that I had a lot of input in. One of the biggest faults with the Alpha 100 was when you had multiple dogs in your handheld it was difficult or sometimes impossible to add a fellow hunters dog. Due to ID Interference with the new 200i, you now can add any dog, no matter what ID, and then dedicate it to any specific group of dogs. This now gives you the ability to keep multiple groups of dogs (example your dogs, your running partner, club dogs, buddy’s handhelds, etc). You can stop tracking one group and start tracking another with ease anytime you please.
  2. The next biggest improvement with the Alpha 200i over the Alpha 100 is the 30% bigger, brighter screen. Believe it or not the brighter the sun, the clearer and brighter it is. Using the Alpha 100 this past weekend reminded me how hard it is to see in the sunlight. The 200i completely fixes that problem. The only negative is it can have a slightly duller appearance in the shade or vehicle.
  3. Another huge favorite of mine with the Alpha 200i is the new side scroll buttons for training. Scroll up or down through your dogs and tone or correct with ease. With the Alpha 100 it could be difficult to switch from dog to dog because the arrow button was put on the touch screen, but with the Alpha 200i you just scroll up or down with the side buttons. It’s also glove friendly, which the 100 was not.
  4.  With the Alpha 100 you never get lost, but with the Alpha 200i you’ll always be found. The Alpha 200i now has InReach capabilities. The inReach isn’t going to excite all of our customers because many of you never get out of cell phone range when you hunt, but for you guys that do, the inReach is an amazing addition. It gives you the ability to text or be tracked no matter where you are in the world, even without cell reception. I personally have not used it hunting but will never go offshore fishing without it again. The small monthly subscription is a cheap price to pay for the safety of being able to communicate and activate SOS in an emergency anywhere you might be. Also always be notified of incoming weather, messages and notifications even when you’re completely off the grid. NOTE: The Alpha 200 does not include InReach capabilities.
  5. Another incredible feature in the new 200i that the Alpha 100 doesn’t have is the new BirdsEye Direct. You no longer have to upload through Garmin Basecamp, you can download straight to your handheld with any wifi connection. Just pick the area you want to download and save and select upload. This would have been my first improvement if it wasn’t for the Garmin HuntView Cards Garmin now makes.
  6. For all you compass users out there, boy do I have a surprise for you! You now have a new multi-dog compass in the Alpha 200i. Track up to 4 dogs at a time on a screen and then track 4 more with an easy scroll of your finger. This makes it easier to read each individual dog while tracking multiple dogs at the same time.Alpha® 200i/K 5 Dog Tracking Bundle 7
  7. When you finally get the Alpha 200i in your hand, the first thing you are going to notice is the slicker, more cellphone-like design. With that comes the new cell phone like touch and swiping capabilities. You can access those menu options you use most, with ease.
  8. For all my buddies who always miss the action because they have their Alpha 100 in one hand and the phone in the other. Boy do I have another surprise for you! The Alpha 200i will now send your dogs over real-time to the Garmin Explore App on your phone. This app allows you to pre-download BirdsEye so you wont need cell phone coverage to use it. This will also make it easier to use an iPad or large tablet to see your dogs on. As of right now this App still needs a little work but I can assure you it is a priority they are working on.
  9. Another great feature Garmin has added to the Alpha 200i that the Alpha 100 doesn’t have is the lost communication timer. For all of us hunters that hunt with large groups of dogs, interference has always been an issue. Very often when you notice your dog’s are Question Marks (no communication) you have no idea when it was you lost communication, leaving you to question wether you should go reconnect with that dog. Now you can see exactly how long it has been since you last tracked them, giving you the ability to get back on top of them and reconnect if need be.
  10. An absolute favorite of my good buddy Mark. The Alpha 200i now brings you the new Competition Timer. Never make it a mile in the woods again to only realize you left the timer in the truck. This feature isn’t for everybody but I  am sure there are a few field trainers and coon hunters that will fall in love with this.

The truth is that Garmin has been working hard for quite some time to bring you the New Alpha 200i. I am personally proud and impressed to see what they have done with the input that Outdoor Dog Supply and other professionals in the industry have provided to them. As you will see there are many great improvements for the field hunter and coon hunter that hunt with a couple of dogs, while multi-dog hunters and field trialers will see the biggest improvements for their sport. I personally run 8 to 14 dogs at a time, I also hunt at multiple clubs and field trials and I will promise you, put the 200i in your hand and you will never go back.

I can also make the promise that the Alpha 200i has hundreds of hours of ground time and I will personally vouch the Alpha 200i is definitely past the test dummy phase!

William Gray – Owner
(Beach Billy)

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Q: Will the Alpha 200i track the TT10 collars?
A: Yes – the Alpha 200i tracks the TT10, TT15, TT15 mini, T5, and T5 Mini

Q: Will the HuntView card from the Alpha 100 with the Alpha 200i?
A: Yes

Q: How much is the monthly inReach subscription?
A: Prices start at $11.95 a month and go up from there, depending on the features you need.

Q: Does the Alpha 200i take the same antennas as the Alpha 100?
A: Yes, you can use your same handheld antenna, roof mounts, and quick connects.

Q: Can you bluetooth to an iPad or tablet?
A: Yes, downloading the Garmin Explore app to the device allows you to track and more on a bigger screen.

Q: Is the Alpha 200i larger than the Alpha 100?
A: Yes, the 200i has a larger screen, but the overall size is not massively larger.

Q: Can you change the ID’s on the collars?
A: Yes

Q: Does it still work the same with the DriveTracks?
A: Yes, both the DriveTrack 70 and 71

Q: Can you track the same collar with an Alpha 100 & Alpha 200i at the same time?
A: Yes, the Astro 430, Alpha 100 and Alpha 200i can track the same collars at the same time. Please note though they cannot track the same collars at the same time as the Astro 320.

Q: How many dogs can you add?
A: At least 100, we have not maxed it out yet! You add many collars to the handheld, however only 20 active tracking at a time. This is when groups come in to make things much easier.

Q: How do I download BirdsEye on the Alpha 200i?
A: It’s easy, just make sure you are connected to wifi, go BirdsEye Direct on your handheld and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: Can I still download my waypoints off Basecamp or from my Alpha 100?
A: Yes. To do this download the waypoints off of your Alpha 100 and into Basecamp, then plug in your Alpha 200i and transfer the waypoints from Basecamp.

Q: How will the Alpha 200i handheld handle extreme cold?
A: Very well, in fact Garmin has made it easier than ever to use your handheld in cold weather with glove-friendly features and extensive testing.

Q: Can you tone a group of dogs with one button?
A: No, but you can tone multiple dogs very very quickly due to the new side button design allowing you to switch dogs quickly.

Q: Do you guys offer financing?
A: Yes, you can apply here.