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Garmin Alpha & Astro Replacement Pattern Collar Straps

These collars are 1″ wide by 25″ long.

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Replacement Collar Strap for the Garmin Alpha & Astro

This is our Garmin Alpha & Astro Replacement Collar Straps with a pattern design. They come with a square ring next to the buckle. They are made of a second run poly-coated nylon material and come in 1″ wide by 25″ long and a little thinner than our “Premium” Dog Collars. The material creates an affordable and ideal solution for common and hunting demands. This collar comes in various patterns that would compliment great on any dog. The material makes a great dog collar because it is easy to clean and wash off. It does not hold smells. The holes are custom to Outdoor Dog Supply by the tight hole spacing making it comfortable for dogs necks. The holes are custom made to Outdoor Dog Supply and produce more flexibility and durability for the neck size. The buckle is nickel coated metal.
This collar is perfect for dogs who like to rough play around and enjoy getting in the dirt and other chaotic situations. The common dog size for these custom collars length from medium to large. This collar fits in any dog’s lifestyle from being a home body to constantly being outside to hunting activities.
Our collars are all made and manufactured in the United States.

These are a cheaper alternative to our Premium Glow Tuff Collars.



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