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Alpha Screen Protectors
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Garmin Alpha Screen Protectors

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Garmin Alpha screen protector not only protect the Garmin Alpha Handheld from the scratches, it also reduces the glare from the sunlight on the Garmin Alpha display, is also minimizes fingerprint smudges.  Three  These screen protectors reduce sunlight glare on the Alpha™’s display, minimize fingerprint smudges and protect against scratches. Three (3) screen protectors are included in each package.

How to Apply the Garmin Anti-Glare Screen Protector:

  • Using a lint-free cloth, clean the device screen
  • Partially peel back the protective film from the adhesive side of the protector (tab 1) about one inch
  • With the adhesive side down, align the side of the exposed protector (1) with the edge of one side of the screen
  • Carefully pull the film back to expose the adhesive surface and apply the protector on the screen
  • NOTE:  Make sure the edges of the protector line up with the screen edges of the device
  • If you notice problems, carefully peel the protector off from a corner of the screen and re-apply
  • Slide the applicator card across the protector to remove possible air bubbles and firmly adhere it to the device
  • Remove the liner from the top side (tab 2) of the screen protector

Garmin Part Number:
UPC: 753759995003


  1. 5 out of 5

    The screen cover is a must to protect the Alpha 100. The screen cover was easy to install. Good investment!

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