Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack 70
Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack 70
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48 long range mount for alpha
garmin alpha aluminum double arm mount
Garmin Alpha truck mounts

Garmin Alpha 100 Ultimate Buddy and DriveTrack 70

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All of Outdoor Dog Supply’s Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy combos include the following:

Also Included with Outdoor Dog Supply’s:

  • Garmin DriveTrack 70 – Bluetooth your Alpha handheld to the DriveTrack 70 and keep an eye on the dogs with this 7″ touchscreen. When you aren’t using this to hunt it is also a fully equipped navigation system that can also bluetooth to your smartphone device. (The DriveTrack comes with a USB cable & Vehicle Charger)
  • Quick Connect Kit, 3 piece –  A got-to-have for every dog hunter who is constantly in and out of his vehicle. Each kit has a base which works on Alpha 100 handheld and 2 antenna connectors that will adapt any Garmin antenna (roof mount or handheld) that you already have.
  • Garmin Alpha Screen Protectors – Protect your Alpha touch screen from dirt and scratches with these easy to apply screen protectors. Pack of 3.
  • 8g Micro SD Card – A must have for those using the Garmin Birdseye Satellite Imagery! This expands the memory of your handheld.
  • Super Extendable Foldable Antenna– Maximize your tracking range with this super long range tracking antenna. It extends to a big 43″ long and collapses to 10″ and folds down to be 7 3/8″ to keep it out of the way when you are running though the woods.
  • Your choice of one of our premium truck mounts:
    • 4.7″ Base, Approx. 48″ Antenna – This magnetic mount features a 4.7″ base and an approx. 48″ Tram Antenna
    • 5.9″ Base, Approx. 48″ Coil Antenna – This magnetic mount has a 5.9″ base and an approx. 48″ Tram Whip with a spring at the base. One of our most popular mounts!
    • L-Bracket Mount with Approx. 48″ Antenna – This mount can be used on your fender, dog box, or wherever you need it. It has an L bracket that screws down and an approx. 48″ Tram antenna.
    • U-Bracket Hood Mount with Approx. 48″ Antenna – This mount has a U-Bracket on it for putting on your hood. Easy to install and has approx. 48″ Tram antenna.
  • Ram Double Window Mount or Double Floor Mount– These heavy duty mounts keep both your handheld and tablet within easy reach. The Alpha handheld sits securely next to your Garmin DriveTrack for easy access to the tone, vibrate, and shock features while still using the DriveTrack screen and features. This is an amazing mount that saves space without compromising quality or durability.

*Please note if you select a collar bag, the Garmin Field bag will be removed from the bundle and replaced with your chosen collar bag.

Alpha 100 Handheld Features:

  • 1-Year Birdseye – Includes a 1 year subscription of Birdseye Satellite Imagery, which gives you a satellite picture view of your surroundings. Simply download the areas you need using BaseCamp – no registration needed.
  • Emergency Alert – Ability to send your location with an emergency alert to other Alpha users in the area.
  • Multi-Dog Tracking – Track up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters when using additional Alpha 100 handhelds or TT15 collars (standard or minis) each sold separately. Tracks from up to 4 miles with the TT15 mini (or T5 mini), or 9 miles with the standard TT15 (or T5). Delivers the exact position as often as every 2.5 seconds.
  • Preloaded Mapping – Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps comparable to 1:100,000 scale USGS maps gives you detailed information on roads, elevation, water, and more.
  • Color Touchscreen – 3″ color touchscreen display.
  • View Dog Stats – Use the included electronic compass to measure each dog’s speed, distance, and direction being traveled, plus receive notifications when your dog is on-point or treed; also includes barometric altimeter.
  • Basecamp – free trip planning computer software that allows you to view and organize maps, waypoints, routes, tracks, and allows you to transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your handheld with your included 1-year BirdsEye subscription.

Garmin DriveTrack 70 Features:

  • Wirelessly Connect – No need for any annoying cords, your Alpha handheld Bluetooths directly to your DriveTrack.
  • Pre-Loaded Topo Maps – The DriveTrack already has your 100k USA Topo maps already installed.
  • Free 1-Year Birdseye Subscription – Just like your Alpha handheld, your DriveTrack comes with a full year of Birdseye Satellite Imagery free, just load it like you would your Alpha.
  • Large Screen Tracking – 7″ full color, touchscreen display.
  • Works with your Phone – This isn’t just for your dogs! You can connect your smart phone using the built in BlueTooth capability to make calls, talk on the phone, answer calls, and more. You can also receive text and app alerts as well.
  • Navigation System – When you aren’t hunting you can use this as a full navigation unit that comes with Lifetime Garmin Street Map and Traffic updates, driver updates, bluetooth hands-free navigation and pre-loaded data from Foursquare.  Foursquare provides information on millions of popular places like restaurants, parks, malls, movies, gas stations, etc.



Alpha Handheld: 010-01041-20
DriveTrack 70 SKU: 010-01696-00
Garmin Field Bag SKU: 010-11962-10
18″ Mag Mount SKU: OS-18-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 4.7″ Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 5.9″ Big Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150S-5.9-BNC
27″ Hood Spring Antenna SKU: OS-27BLK-HOOD-BNC
Bracket Truck Mount Antenna & Tram Whip Special SKU: OS-1150-BRACKET-BNC
DriveTrack™ 70 Screen Protectors SKU: OS-SCREENPROT-DT70
ODS DriveTrack™ 70 Case SKU: OS-CASE-DT
DriveTrack™ 70 Squishy SKU: OS-SQUISHY-DT70
3 Piece Quick Connect SKU: OS-QCK-3PC
ODS Super Extendable Foldable SKU: OS-SUPER-BNC
ODS Heavy Duty Premium Double Window Mount SKU: OS-WINDOW-DOUBLE
ODS Heavy Duty Premium Double Floor Mount SKU: OS-4HOLE-DOUBLE
Alpha Screen Protectors SKU: 010-11828-05


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Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack 70

In addition to the Alpha and the DriveTrack 70 LMT this bundle comes with Quick Connect Kit, Garmin Alpha Screen Protectors, 8g Micro SD Card, Super Extendable Foldable Antenna, and your choice of 2 Mounts.

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