Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack In-Vehicle Dog Tracker
Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack In-Vehicle Dog Tracker
Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack 70
hood mount antenna
48 long range mount for alpha
Premium Aluminum Arm Double Mount for Alpha 100 and DT71
garmin alpha aluminum double arm mount
Garmin Alpha truck mounts

Garmin Alpha Ultimate Buddy Combo with the DriveTrack In-Vehicle Dog Tracker

In addition to the Alpha and the DriveTrack 71 LMT this bundle comes with Quick Connect Kit, Garmin Alpha Screen Protectors, 8g Micro SD Card, Super Extendable Foldable Antenna, and your choice of 2 Mounts.

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  • DriveTrack Extended Warranty Plan - Learn More
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Alpha Handheld: 010-01041-20
DriveTrack 71 SKU: 010-01982-00
Garmin Field Bag SKU: 010-11962-10
18″ Mag Mount SKU: OS-18-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 4.7″ Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 5.9″ Big Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150S-5.9-BNC
27″ Hood Spring Antenna SKU: OS-27BLK-HOOD-BNC
Bracket Truck Mount Antenna & Tram Whip Special SKU: OS-1150-BRACKET-BNC
DriveTrack™ 71 Screen Protectors SKU: OS-SCREENPROT-DT71
ODS DriveTrack™ 71 Case SKU: OS-CASE-DT
DriveTrack™ 71 Squishy SKU: OS-SQUISHY-DT71
3 Piece Quick Connect SKU: OS-QCK-3PC
ODS Super Extendable Foldable SKU: OS-SUPER-BNC
ODS Heavy Duty Premium Double Window Mount SKU: OS-WINDOW-DOUBLE
ODS Heavy Duty Premium Double Floor Mount SKU: OS-4HOLE-DOUBLE
Alpha Screen Protectors SKU: 010-11828-05


Q: Does the T 5 collars work with the alpha 100?

A: Yes, but will only track no training.

Q: The bundle is supposed to include a 1 year free subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery .. I have no card in my kit, is there a code?

A: It comes with a free 1 year subscription that is already active on the Alpha 100.

Q: How long does the Alpha 100 battery last?

A: You should see 8-10 hours on a full charge.

Q: What type of range will i see with the alpha 100?

A: With the short range handheld antenna up to around a mile. With a long range handheld antenna up to 1.5-2 miles. With mag mount truck antennas up to 3-4 miles. This also depends on the type of terrain,season,weather which all can effect tracking.

Q: Can the Alpha 100 be used as a “invisible fence” which shocks the dogs once they leave a certain area?

A: No, but you can set a geo-fence and the alpha 100 will alert you if the dog crosses that boundary but it will not tone or shock the dog for crossing the boundary.

Q: Can the alpha 100 track the dc30 or dc40 collars?

A: No. The alpha 100 can track the tt10,tt15,tt15 mini,t5 and t5 mini. Can also track the dc50 if it has latest software update. The dc50 would need to be added in a astro 430 and track code given to alpha 100 user in order to work.

Q: My tt15 collar will tone and shock but not track?

A: More than likely the gps wire or locator has been damaged. Which is causing it not to pick up gps signal.

Q: Is the alpha 100 waterproof?

A: It is lpx-7 waterproof standard which means protected against short durations of water immersion. Max immersion for less than 30 minutes and at a depth of less than 1 meter.

Q: Map screen has went white.

A: Go to map screen hit menu(3 lines bottom center of screen)depending on update scroll down until see de-clutter map(older update)or hide/show map(newer update)tap either option showing. Should correct problem.

Q: Dogs not showing on map screen but showing on compass screen.

A: Go to map screen hit menu(3 lines bottom center of screen) scroll down until see restore defaults tap on it. Should correct problem.

Q: Map screen keeps zooming out.

A: Go to setup tap on dogs make sure zoom maps to dogs is off.

Q: Dog training icons not showing at top of screen.

A: Go to set up, scroll down to map and tap, go to dashboard and tap, go to training and tap you should now see training icons back at top of screen.

Q: Removing pink navigation line from screen.

A: Go to map screen tap menu(3 lines bottom center of screen) select stop navigation pink line should now be gone.

Q: How to master reset Alpha 100.

A: Turn alpha off press and hold upper left side of screen, power on the alpha wait til you see “Do you really want to erase all user data?” touch erase. This will master reset the alpha. You will not lose any waypoints or birdseye that have been downloaded.

Q: Soft resetting tt15,mini tt15, t5 and mini t5 collars.

A: Turn collar off. Press and hold power button down collar light will blink rapidly and beep collar will shut off on its own. Once shut off collar has been reset.

Q: Hard master resetting tt15,mini tt15, t5 and mini t5 collars.

A: Turn collar off connect charging clip to collar. Connect usb cord to charging clip and computer. Once collar light is lit press the power 4 times(should hear a soft chirp) wait for light to turn green then red. Disconnect charging clip and usb cord. The collar has now been reset.

Q: Handheld will not pair to Drivetrack

A: First, start by making sure the handheld is “Broadcasting Dog Data” To do this, start by selecting Setup on your handheld’s home screen, then select Dogs, then select Broadcast Dog Data and turn it on. Once then handheld is correct, turn “Dog Tracking Mode” on the Drivetrack. Start by selecting the Settings icon on the home screen, then select Usage Mode, then choose Dog Tracking. Once both units are in the correct modes, leave them both on in a close proximity to each other and they will automatically pair up. Do not have any other handhelds within a close proximity to avoid any complications while pairing the handhelds.

Q: “Lost Connection to Dog Tracker” is displaying on Drivetrack Screen

A:If the Lost Connection to Dog Tracker keeps displaying on Drivetrack , make sure both units are not charging at the same time. If they are not, or this does not resolve the issue, start by unpairing the Drivetrack and Handheld. To do this, go onto your Drivetrack and select Dogs (dog icon), then select the menu button (3 Lines) in the left corner, then select unpair. If the handheld is on near the Drivetrack it will automatically re-pair. If it is off turn the handheld on to pair the units.

Q: Displaying Dog Name and Distance on the Drivetrack

A: To Display or hide the name/distance of the dogs on the screen, start by selecting the Settings icon, then select Map & Vehicle, from there select Dog Labels. Once there, check off the labels you would like displayed or uncheck to no longer display on the screen.

Q: Stopping Navigation on the Drivetrack (Pink Line across screen)

A: To stop Navigation on the Drivetrack, go onto the main screen of the Drivetrack and select “Stop” in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will remove the pink line and discontinue the Navigation on the Drivetrack

Q: Clearing or Hiding Dog Tracks

A:To clear or hide the Dog Tracks on the Drivetrack, start by selecting the “Dogs” icon. From there, select the Menu icon (3 Lines), then select either Hide Dog Tracks, or Clear Dog Tracks. Hiding the tracks will no longer display the tracks on the screen. Clearing them will reset the tracks displayed.

Q: Changing the Dog Icon Size

A: To change the dog icon size, start by selecting the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the Drivetrack home screen. Once selected, click on the Map & Vehicle option, then select Dog Icon Size, then choose between small, medium,and large dog icons to be displayed on the map.

Q: Master reset on the Drivetrack

A: To preform a master reset on the Drivetrack, the first step is to select the Volume icon on the home screen. While on the Volume Page, hold the top right hand corner of the screen for at least 10 seconds. This will bring up the diagnostic page, from there select “Clear All User Date” then press “Yes”.