Astro 430 Hog Wild Custom Hunting Bundle
Astro 430 Hog Wild Custom Hunting Bundle
Garmin Astro 430 Hog Wild Bundle with T5 Standard Collars
Garmin Astro 430 Hog Wild Bundle with T5 Mini Collars
astro hog truck mounts
Garmin Astro 430 Hog Wild Bundle with T5 Mini or Standard Collars
18 long range mount
4.7 long range mag mount antenna
big base tram mount antenna
bracket mount antenna
hood mount antenna
garmin squishy case
super extendable foldable antenna

Garmin Astro 430 Hog Wild Bundle with T5 Mini or Standard Collars

    These 3/4" x 2 3/4" brass tags can have 1 to 4 lines of tag info,  if you need 4 lines it will be in the smaller font. We can stamp the Letters A to Z (Caps Only), Numbers 0 - 9, and the special characters of – , . / ‘ & ! @ $ ( ) : " + -  Please note we cannot put emojis on tags. These are printed just as they are typed so be sure to double check your tag information!

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Astro 430 Combo SKU: 010-01635-00
T5 Collar SKU: 010-01041-70
Astro 430 Mini Combo SKU: 010-01635-01
T5 Mini Collar SKU: 010-01486-10
Garmin Field Bag SKU: 010-11962-10
18″ Mag Mount SKU: OS-18-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 4.7″ Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150-4.7-BNC
Long Whip & ODS 5.9″ Big Base Mag Mount SKU: OS-1150S-5.9-BNC
27″ Hood Spring Antenna SKU: OS-27BLK-HOOD-BNC
Bracket Truck Mount Antenna & Tram Whip Special SKU: OS-1150-BRACKET-BNC
3 Piece Quick Connect SKU: OS-QCK-3PC
Squishy SKU: OS-SQUISHY-320
ODS Premium Window Mount SKU: OS-PREM-WIN-HH
Super Extendable Foldable Antenna SKU: OS-SUPER-BNC
Rechargeable Battery Pack SKU: 010-11874-00


Q: Can the Astro 430 track DC 30 and DC 40 collars?

A: No, the Astro cannot track the older DC30 and DC40 collars. They can track DC50 collars but the collars have to be updated to be compatible with the Astro 430.

Q: Can the Astro 320 and Astro 430 track the same collars?

A: The Astro 320 and 430 and can both track the DC50 and T5 collars. They cannot track the collars at the same time. The same collar cannot be tracked. If both kinds of handhelds are tracking the same collar at the same time, the Astro 320 will drop the connection on the collar. The Astro 320 can track the DC 30 or DC 40 but the Astro 430 cannot.

Q:Can the Astro 430 track TT10, TT15, and TT15 minis?

A: Yes, the Astro 430 can track the DC50, T5, T5mini, TT10, TT15, and the TT15 mini collars. The Astro can track them alone or with an Alpha 100 also tracking them at the same time. The Astro 430 cannot train any of the TT collars unlike the Alpha. The Astro 430 is strictly a tracking device.

Q:Does the Astro 430 come with any maps?

A: Yes, the Astro 430 comes preloaded with a 24K topo of the whole United States as well as a year subscription of Birdseye imagery. The Astro 430 does not come with a Birdseye card, it is already preloaded with the subscription on the device. Once the year is up, the Birdseye is not deleted off the device but no more imagery can be downloaded unless another subscription is bought.

Q:What kind of batteries come with the Astro 430?

A: The Astro 430 does not come with any batteries in the box. The handheld uses AA batteries that are purchased separately. The NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack is compatible with the Astro 430 and can be added to any Astro 430 Bundle. The NiMH battery pack will give the unit 6-8 hours of battery life. With the rechargeable battery pack, the handheld can be recharged as an Alpha 100 would.

Q: Will the Astro 430 tone a collar?

A: No, the Astro 430 is a tracking only device. It can track collars that have the tone and vibrate feature but cannot train the collars in any way.

Q:How far is the range on the Astro 430?

A: The Astro 430 will have the range of 1.5-2 miles with a standard long range antenna on it. With an extended range antenna (truck mounted whip), the range can range up to 3-4 miles. The variations in terrain, weather, seasons, and surroundings can affect the range seen out of the extended antenna and Astro 430.

Q:Is the Astro 430 waterproof?

A: The Astro 430 is lpx-7 water-resistant which means protected against short durations of water immersion. The Astro 430 can sustain a max immersion less than 30 minutes and at a depth of less than 1 meter.

Q:Can the Astro 430 save waypoints?

Q: Master reset an Astro 430

A: To reset an Astro 430 is the same as the Astro 320. Start with the Handheld off, then hold the power, map, and enter buttons down until the the Garmin symbol comes up on the screen. Once Garmin comes up on the screen, take the finger off of the power button but leave them on the Enter and Home buttons. When the question to “Clear all user Data” comes on the screen, select yes to complete the reset.

Q: Soft resetting tt15,mini tt15, t5 and mini t5 collars

A:Turn collar off. Press and hold the power button down collar light will blink rapidly and beep collar will shut off on its own. Once shut off collar has been reset.

Q: Hard master resetting tt15,mini tt15, t5 and mini t5 collars.

A:Turn collar off connect charging clip to collar. Connect usb cord to charging clip and computer. Once collar light is lit press the power 4 times(should hear a soft chirp) wait for the light to turn green then red. Disconnect charging clip and usb cord. The collar has now been reset.

Q: Stop Navigation (Pink Line Across the Screen)

A: To stop the Navigation (Pink Line Across the Screen) on the Astro 430, leave the map screen and go to the Home screen. From there, select the “Tools” button at the bottom of the list. Once selected, click on the “Find” tab. This will give two options, select the “Stop Navigation”. This will end the Navigation on the map and delete the Pink line on the map.

Q: The Map Screen has gone white

A: Go to the map screen and select the menu button on the Astro 430. Once in the menu, go down to the button “Declutter Map Off”. Select that option to change it to “Declutter Map On”. This will make the maps on the Astro 430 visible again.

Q: Calibrating the Astro 430 Compass

A: To Calibrate the Compass on the Astro 430, start by going to the Main Menu. From the Main Menu, select “Setup”. Once in the “Setup” selection, scroll down to the “Heading” button. Once the “Heading” is selected, scroll down to “Calibrate Compass” at the bottom of the page. Once there, click start and go through the steps displayed on the screen.

Q:Map screen keeps zooming out

A: On the Map Screen, press the menu button on the Astro 430. Once on the Menu, go down to the “Setup Dogs” button and select it. Once there, choose the “Zoom Map to Dogs”, and change that to Off. Once that is turned Off, the Map will stop zooming out.

Q:The Dogs do not Show on the Map Screen

A: On the Map Screen, select the Menu button on Astro 430. Once in the Menu, select “Restore Defaults” at the bottom of the page. Once selected, the Dogs should be back on the map Screen.