Garmin Astro 430 & DriveTrack 71 Combo
Garmin Astro 430 & DriveTrack 71 Combo
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Garmin Astro 430 handheld
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Garmin Astro 430 Handheld with DriveTrack 71 In-Vehicle Dog Tracker

In addition to the Garmin Astro 430 handheld this also comes with the DriveTrack 71 LMT Combo.

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  • *Pick your DriveTrack 71 squishy color
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  • Astro 430 Handheld Extended Warranty Plan - Learn More
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  • DriveTrack Extended Warranty Plan - Learn More
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DriveTrack 71 SKU: 010-01982-00
Astro 430 Handheld SKU: 010-01635-10
DriveTrack Squishy SKU: OS-SQUISHY-DT71
ODS Window Mount SKU: OS-WIN-DT
ODS Premium Window Mount SKU: OS-PREM-WIN-DT
ODS Premium Friction Mount SKU: OS-FRICTION-DT
ODS Premium Cart/Dash Mount SKU: OS-PREM-CART-DT
ODS Long Arm Window Mount SKU: OS-LONGARM-DT
Premium Adjustable Cup Mount SKU: OS-PREM-CUP-DT
ODS Flexible Goose Neck Floor Mount 22″ SKU: OS-GOOSENECK-DT
ODS Premium Aluminum Arm Floor Mount SKU: OS-SEATBOLT-DT
4 Hole Drill Premium Aluminum Arm Double Mount SKU: OS-4HOLE-DOUBLE
Seat Bolt Premium Aluminum Arm Double Mount SKU: OS-SEATBOLT-DOUBLE
ODS Heavy Duty Double Window Mount SKU: OS-WINDOW-DOUBLE
DriveTrack 71 Screen Protectors SKU: OS-SCREENPROT-DT71
DriveTrack Case SKU: OS-CASE-DT
DriveTrack 71 Squishy SKU: OS-SQUISHY-DT71


Q: How many collars can a Drivetrack 71 track?

A: With the Astro 320, you can have up to 10 collars displayed. The Astro 430 and Alpha 100 can have up to 20 collars displayed. The Drivetrack does not work independently to track, they work off of the handhelds. The Drivetrack can only be paired with one handheld at a time.

Q: Can the Drivetrack 71 be used as a Navigational GPS?

A: Yes, the Drivetrack 71 can be used as a Navigational GPS when it is not being used as a dog tracker. To use it as a GPS, the Usage mode has to be changed to Automobile mode, once changed it will have all the functions as a Navigational GPS.

Q: Can a Drivetrack 71 tone, shock, or vibrate a collar?

A: No, the Drivetrack 71 will only display the dogs on the map from the handheld. The Drivetrack can not correct a dog, it works off of the handheld.

Q: Will the maps off the handheld show on the Drivetrack?

A: No, the Drivetrack 71 will need its own Birdseye downloaded or Huntview card. The Drivetrack 71 will only pull the collars location off of the handheld. The new Drivetrack 71 comes with a years subscription of Birdseye already on the device.

Q: Can waypoints be saved on the Drivetrack 71?

A: Yes, the Drivetrack 71 can have waypoints on it. They are not the same as waypoints on a handheld. They are much larger icons on the Drivetrack and will not match what is on the handheld.

Q:Does the Astro 430 come with any maps?

A: Yes, the Astro 430 comes preloaded with a 24K topo of the whole United States as well as a year subscription of Birdseye imagery. The Astro 430 does not come with a Birdseye card, it is already preloaded with the subscription on the device. Once the year is up, the Birdseye is not deleted off the device but no more imagery can be downloaded unless another subscription is bought.

Q:What kind of batteries come with the Astro 430?

A: The Astro 430 does not come with any batteries in the box. The handheld uses AA batteries that are purchased separately. The NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack is compatible with the Astro 430 and can be added to any Astro 430 Bundle. The NiMH battery pack will give the unit 6-8 hours of battery life. With the rechargeable battery pack, the handheld can be recharged as an Alpha 100 would.

Q:Can the Astro 430 save waypoints?

A: Yes, the Astro can save waypoints that will appear on the map. The waypoints can be marked as things such as Truck, Camp, Stand, or a custom name. These waypoints will not appear on the map of a Drivetrack that is paired with the handheld.

Q:How far is the range on the Astro 430?

A: The Astro 430 will have the range of 1.5-2 miles with a standard long range antenna on it. With an extended range antenna (truck mounted whip), the range can range up to 3-4 miles. The variations in terrain, weather, seasons, and surroundings can affect the range seen out of the extended antenna and Astro 430.

Q: Handheld will not pair to Drivetrack

A: First, start by making sure the handheld is “Broadcasting Dog Data” To do this, start by selecting Setup on your handheld’s home screen, then select Dogs, then select Broadcast Dog Data and turn it on. Once then handheld is correct, turn “Dog Tracking Mode” on the Drivetrack. Start by selecting the Settings icon on the home screen, then select Usage Mode, then choose Dog Tracking. Once both units are in the correct modes, leave them both on in a close proximity to each other and they will automatically pair up. Do not have any other handhelds within a close proximity to avoid any complications while pairing the handhelds.

Q: “Lost Connection to Dog Tracker” is displaying on Drivetrack Screen

A:If the Lost Connection to Dog Tracker keeps displaying on Drivetrack , make sure both units are not charging at the same time. If they are not, or this does not resolve the issue, start by unpairing the Drivetrack and Handheld. To do this, go onto your Drivetrack and select Dogs (dog icon), then select the menu button (3 Lines) in the left corner, then select unpair. If the handheld is on near the Drivetrack it will automatically re-pair. If it is off turn the handheld on to pair the units.

Q: Displaying Dog Name and Distance on the Drivetrack

A: To Display or hide the name/distance of the dogs on the screen, start by selecting the Settings icon, then select Map & Vehicle, from there select Dog Labels. Once there, check off the labels you would like displayed or uncheck to no longer display on the screen.

Q: Stopping Navigation on the Drivetrack (Pink Line across screen)

A: To stop Navigation on the Drivetrack, go onto the main screen of the Drivetrack and select “Stop” in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will remove the pink line and discontinue the Navigation on the Drivetrack

Q: Master reset on the Drivetrack

A: To preform a master reset on the Drivetrack, the first step is to select the Volume icon on the home screen. While on the Volume Page, hold the top right hand corner of the screen for at least 10 seconds. This will bring up the diagnostic page, from there select “Clear All User Date” then press “Yes”.

Q: Master reset an Astro 430

A: To reset an Astro 430 is the same as the Astro 320. Start with the Handheld off, then hold the power, map, and enter buttons down until the the Garmin symbol comes up on the screen. Once Garmin comes up on the screen, take the finger off of the power button but leave them on the Enter and Home buttons. When the question to “Clear all user Data” comes on the screen, select yes to complete the reset.

Q: Stop Navigation (Pink Line Across the Screen)

A: To stop the Navigation (Pink Line Across the Screen) on the Astro 430, leave the map screen and go to the Home screen. From there, select the “Tools” button at the bottom of the list. Once selected, click on the “Find” tab. This will give two options, select the “Stop Navigation”. This will end the Navigation on the map and delete the Pink line on the map.

Q: The Map Screen has gone white

A: Go to the map screen and select the menu button on the Astro 430. Once in the menu, go down to the button “Declutter Map Off”. Select that option to change it to “Declutter Map On”. This will make the maps on the Astro 430 visible again.

Q:The Dogs do not Show on the Map Screen

A: On the Map Screen, select the Menu button on Astro 430. Once in the Menu, select “Restore Defaults” at the bottom of the page. Once selected, the Dogs should be back on the map Screen.

Q:Map screen keeps zooming out

A: On the Map Screen, press the menu button on the Astro 430. Once on the Menu, go down to the “Setup Dogs” button and select it. Once there, choose the “Zoom Map to Dogs”, and change that to Off. Once that is turned Off, the Map will stop zooming out.

Q:The Dogs do not Show on the Map Screen

A: On the Map Screen, select the Menu button on Astro 430. Once in the Menu, select “Restore Defaults” at the bottom of the page. Once selected, the Dogs should be back on the map Screen.