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Garmin BarkLimiter BarkCollar

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Garmin Bark Limiter – Bark Collar

What’s the difference between the BarkLimiter and the BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Bark Collar?

  •  Simple:  The BarkLimiter operates on a CR2 replaceable battery (up to 10 months of battery life) and the BarkLimiter Deluxe has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (recharged needed approximately every 3 months).

Why is the BarkLimiter so Special?

  1. Bark Identification
  2. Advance Bark Correction Technology reduce false corrections
  3. Autorise bark correction work right out of the box
  4. Bark Odometer measures number of barks
  5. Optimized to fit all dog breeds, all coat thicknesses
  6. Easily replaceable CR2 battery

Garmin’s NEW BarkLimiter, built with Tri-Tronics proven dog training technology, is the first smart Bark collar, with the world’s first instinctive electronic  bark correction device.   It uses accelerometer-based bark identification to tell the difference between barking and other vocalizations (basically a nuisance bark vs. a warning/danger or other type of bark).

The Garmin BarkLimiter is small, compact, and lightweight.  It operates on a CR2 battery, which is easy to change. The battery life is up to 10 months.  The BarkLimiter has incorporated stainless contact post that will work on all dog breeds and coat thickness.  The BarkLimiter is one of the most compact designed bark collars on the market today.  It is ready to work right out of the box and no set-up is required.

Bark Differentiation Technology

The BarkLimiter’s advanced technology detects bark signals only through vibrations from the dog’s throat.  Therefore, it virtually eliminates false corrections caused by scratching or scraping of surfaces or other noises (ie: barks of nearby dogs)  In addition, the BarkLimiter was designed specifically to recognize qualitative differences in a dog’s barking.  It corrects for obsessive or nuisance barking; therefore, allowing the dog to communicate injury, a danger/warning bark, or a bark to protect your home from an intruder without activating the device.

Autorise Technology

BarkLimiter comes automatically programmed with Autorise Technology. Autorise starts at the lowest correction level and gradually adjusts to a level to stop unwanted barking without rising further. This gives you immediate relief from nuisance barking.

Not sure you want to use the Autorise correction, then you can also switch from automatic to manual settings. With the Built-in Bark Odometer™ it will help you determine the effectiveness of the manual correction level by counting the number of barks while you are away vs using the Autorise Technology.

Vibration Setting

You have the option of setting BarkLimiter to correct barks using vibration as an alternative to stimulation.

Bark Limiter Replacement Collars

Replacement Collars available in White, Red, Orange, Neon Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink

Also, see Bark Limiter Deluxe for even more features in a bark collar.

In The Box

  • BarkLimiter
  • CR2 battery
  • 3/4″ black collar strap
  • Manual

View the Garmin BarkLimiter & BarkLimiter Deluxe Owner’s Manual

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