Garmin Birdseye™ Topo, US + Canada + 4G SD Card

Garmin Birdseye™ Topo, US + Canada + 8G SD Card

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Get detailed raster maps of the place where your next adventure awaits, along with a 8G SD Card to hold all your memory and maps

With a 1-year subscription, you quickly can download and transfer USGS and NRC raster maps to your compatible handheld device using BaseCamp™software.

Provides highly detailed 1:24,000 scale raster USGS maps and 1:50,000 scale raster NRC maps.
Features an unlimited amount of downloadable raster maps for 1 year using BaseCamp software.
Lets you layer vector maps (such as TOPO 100K, TOPO 24K or City Navigator®) on their handheld devices for a view of roads, buildings and terrain.
Displays parking and camping areas, trails, points of interest, water sources and more.

SKU: 010-D0699-00&OS-8GBSD


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