Garmin Delta Canine Remote for Delta Smart

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Q: Will Keep Away Tags work when the Remote or phone is not around?

A: Yes, the keep away tags are designed to keep the dogs away from areas they are not allowed (trash cans, furniture, etc.). The tags are for the times the handler is not there to give a manual correction but the dogs will still know to stay away from the designated areas or things in or out of the house.

Q: Is there Bark Detection built into the Garmin Delta Smart?

A: Yes, the Garmin Delta Smart has the Barklimiter Technology built into the collar to detect unwanted barking and give a correction to the dog.

Q: Is the “Garmin Canine” App free from the app store?

A: Yes, the Garmin Canine App is free of charge and will work with the Garmin Delta Smart.

Q: What training features are featured in the Garmin Delta Smart?

A: The Garmin Delta Smart has a Vibration and Tone setting as well as 10 levels of stimulation to correct your dogs behavior.

Q: Will the Delta Smart collar work with Garmin Delta XC systems?

A: No, the Garmin Delta Smart system is an independent system from the Delta XC systems. The Delta Smarts cannot be operated off of any of the Garmin Delta XC remotes.

Q: How to pair a Delta Collar with A Garmin Delta Upland XC

A: To start, turn both devices on then select which color the collar will be paired with, use the button on the right side that has the 3 colors (blue,black,red) to do so. Once the color is selected, hold the power button down on the collar at the same time as holding down one of the 3 training buttons on the handheld. The collar will initially beep 3 times, then once more when it is paired on turns off. Once paired, turn the collar back and test to see if it is paired my using a training button, if it is paired the green light will be solid when the devices are communicating.

Q: How to change between the different correction modes

A: To change between the correction modes, you will start with the device on. The press the button on the lower left hand side below the power button labeled “Mode”. Then you can choose between the 3 different settings. The letters stand for Vibration (V), Constant Shock (C), Momentary Shock (M), and Tone (T).

Q: Turning the Barklimiter on the Garmin Delta Upland XC

A: To turn on the Barklimiter, it must be enabled on the device itself. To enable the Barklimiter, select the Dog barking icon on the top left side of the device. The collar must be in a close proximity for the Delta collar and Delta Upland XC to communicate. When the collar’s Barklimiter is enabled, the LED display will flash 3 times.