Refurbished Garmin Delta Sport XC Handheld

Garmin Delta Sport XC Handheld Only

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Garmin Delta Sport XC Handheld Only

This is a Garmin Delta Sport XC that is ready to pair to a collar of your choice.

The Delta Sport XC remote training device is a proven dog training technology that has an easy-to-read LCD screen, intuitive 3 button controller, and side buttons for level adjustment and dog selection. Easy enough to use with one hand! It even remembers each dogs training settings. 3 ways to train your dog so you can select the best for your pet. This handheld allows you to use the built-in bark technology with the (not included) Delta Collar – this recognizes the difference between good and unwanted barks as well as differentiating from other dog’s barking. Tough, waterproof, and long lasting. Rechargeable, a full charge on this handheld lasts several days!

Please note, this is the handheld only.


  • Continuous & momentary stimulation (18 correction levels), tone, and vibration modes
  • Range of 3/4 mile
  • Compatible up to 3 dogs
  • Features 5 training configurations


  • Delta Sport XC handheld
  • Lanyard
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter

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