DriveTrack 71

Garmin DriveTrack 71 In-Vehicle Dog Tracker

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DriveTrack 71 SKU: 010-01982-00
UPC: 753759212780
DriveTrack Case SKU: OS-CASE-DT
ODS Window Mount SKU: OS-WIN-DT
ODS Premium Window Mount SKU: OS-PREM-WIN-DT
ODS Premium Friction Mount SKU: OS-FRICTION-DT
ODS Premium Cart/Dash Mount SKU: OS-PREM-CART-DT
ODS Long Arm Window Mount SKU: OS-LONGARM-DT
Premium Adjustable Cup Mount SKU: OS-PREM-CUP-DT
ODS Flexible Goose Neck Floor Mount 22″ SKU: OS-GOOSENECK-DT
ODS Premium Aluminum Arm Floor Mount SKU: OS-SEATBOLT-DT
4 Hole Drill Premium Aluminum Arm Double Mount SKU: OS-4HOLE-DOUBLE
Seat Bolt Premium Aluminum Arm Double Mount SKU: OS-SEATBOLT-DOUBLE
ODS Heavy Duty Double Window Mount SKU: OS-WINDOW-DOUBLE


Q: How many collars can a Drivetrack 71 track?

A: With the Astro 320, you can have up to 10 collars displayed. The Astro 430 and Alpha 100 can have up to 20 collars displayed. The Drivetrack does not work independently to track, they work off of the handhelds. The Drivetrack can only be paired with one handheld at a time.

Q: Can the Drivetrack 71 be used as a Navigational GPS?

A: Yes, the Drivetrack 71 can be used as a Navigational GPS when it is not being used as a dog tracker. To use it as a GPS, the Usage mode has to be changed to Automobile mode, once changed it will have all the functions as a Navigational GPS.

Q: Will a Drivetrack 71 work with an Astro 320?

A: Yes, you will have to update your handheld. After the Astro 320 is updated, it will work with Drivetrack 71.

Q: Will the Astro 220 work with the Drivetrack 71?

A: No, the Drivetrack 71 will work with the Astro 320, 430, and the Alpha 100

Q: Can a Drivetrack 71 tone, shock, or vibrate a collar?

A: No, the Drivetrack 71 will only display the dogs on the map from the handheld. The Drivetrack can not correct a dog, it works off of the handheld.

Q: Will the maps off the handheld show on the Drivetrack?

A: No, the Drivetrack 71 will need its own Birdseye downloaded or Huntview card. The Drivetrack 71 will only pull the collars location off of the handheld. The new Drivetrack 71 comes with a years subscription of Birdseye already on the device.

Q: Can waypoints be saved on the Drivetrack 71?

A: Yes, the Drivetrack 71 can have waypoints on it. They are not the same as waypoints on a handheld. They are much larger icons on the Drivetrack and will not match what is on the handheld.

Q: Will a DC30 and DC40 work on the Drivetrack 71?

A: Yes, the Drivetrack 71 works with the Astro 320. If the handheld has DC30 and DC40s in it, those collars will be shared between the handheld and the Drivetrack. The Drivetrack does not work the Astro 220.

Q: Can the Drivetrack 71 be carried like a handheld?

A: No, the Drivetrack does not have a long enough battery like to be used like a handheld. The battery in a Drivetrack 71 is only about 30 minutes, the Drivetrack is best suited to be plugged into the track while being used.

Q: What maps come on the Drivetrack 71?

A: The Drivetrack 71 comes preloaded with a 24K Topo map of the whole United States. There is a 1 year Birdseye subscription which can be downloaded for no charge for that year. The maps will not be deleted after the year is up but no more can be added unless another Birdseye subscription is purchased.

Q: Handheld will not pair to Drivetrack

A: First, start by making sure the handheld is “Broadcasting Dog Data” To do this, start by selecting Setup on your handheld’s home screen, then select Dogs, then select Broadcast Dog Data and turn it on. Once then handheld is correct, turn “Dog Tracking Mode” on the Drivetrack. Start by selecting the Settings icon on the home screen, then select Usage Mode, then choose Dog Tracking. Once both units are in the correct modes, leave them both on in a close proximity to each other and they will automatically pair up. Do not have any other handhelds within a close proximity to avoid any complications while pairing the handhelds.

Q: “Lost Connection to Dog Tracker” is displaying on Drivetrack Screen

A:If the Lost Connection to Dog Tracker keeps displaying on Drivetrack , make sure both units are not charging at the same time. If they are not, or this does not resolve the issue, start by unpairing the Drivetrack and Handheld. To do this, go onto your Drivetrack and select Dogs (dog icon), then select the menu button (3 Lines) in the left corner, then select unpair. If the handheld is on near the Drivetrack it will automatically re-pair. If it is off turn the handheld on to pair the units.

Q: Displaying Dog Name and Distance on the Drivetrack

A: To Display or hide the name/distance of the dogs on the screen, start by selecting the Settings icon, then select Map & Vehicle, from there select Dog Labels. Once there, check off the labels you would like displayed or uncheck to no longer display on the screen.

Q: Stopping Navigation on the Drivetrack (Pink Line across screen)

A: To stop Navigation on the Drivetrack, go onto the main screen of the Drivetrack and select “Stop” in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will remove the pink line and discontinue the Navigation on the Drivetrack

Q: Clearing or Hiding Dog Tracks

A:To clear or hide the Dog Tracks on the Drivetrack, start by selecting the “Dogs” icon. From there, select the Menu icon (3 Lines), then select either Hide Dog Tracks, or Clear Dog Tracks. Hiding the tracks will no longer display the tracks on the screen. Clearing them will reset the tracks displayed.

Q: Changing the Dog Icon Size

A: To change the dog icon size, start by selecting the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the Drivetrack home screen. Once selected, click on the Map & Vehicle option, then select Dog Icon Size, then choose between small, medium,and large dog icons to be displayed on the map.

Q: Master reset on the Drivetrack

A: To preform a master reset on the Drivetrack, the first step is to select the Volume icon on the home screen. While on the Volume Page, hold the top right hand corner of the screen for at least 10 seconds. This will bring up the diagnostic page, from there select “Clear All User Date” then press “Yes”.