Pro 550 Plus

Garmin Pro 550+ Tracking and Training Handheld Only

This is the Garmin Pro 550+ Handheld Only.

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Q: What collars can be used with the garmin pro 550 plus?

A: The garmin pro 550 plus will only work with the tt15,minitt15 and tt10 collars.

Q: What is the battery life on the garmin pro 550 plus?

A: You should see around 60 hours with typical use.

Q: Can you add mapping to the garmin pro 550 plus?

A: No you cannot. The pro 550 plus only shows a directional arrow and distance from the dog.

Q: How many dogs can be tracked on the garmin pro 550 plus?

A: The garmin pro 550 plus can track up to 3 dogs at a time.

Q: What type of range does the garmin pro 550 plus have?

A: Garmin states a range of more than 2 miles.

Q: Pairing collar to pro 550 plus.

A: Turn on the handheld device.
Select a color with the toggle switch.
The dog collar device will be assigned to this color.

Turn the intensity dial to N.
Select the green tone key.
Select the top training key.
Follow the on-screen instructions to select auto, tree, or point for the type of dog wearing the collar.
appears on the handheld device screen. The handheld device is ready to pair. You can cancel pairing by pressing the green tone key.

If the dog collar device is on, turn it off.
Hold the power key on the dog collar device until it emits two series of beeps (about 2 seconds), and then release the power key.
The status LED flashes green rapidly. You can now pair the dog collar device with the handheld device.

The handheld device vibrates and a check mark appears on the screen when the devices have paired successfully.

Q: Turning the light on.

A: Select a dog collar device.
Move the mode toggle switch to A.
Select the top training key to turn the light on.
Select the bottom training key to turn the light off.