garmin sport pro 3 dog
garmin sport pro 3 dog
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Garmin Sport PRO 3-Dog

This Sport PRO trains up to 3 dogs with a 3/4-mile range, BarkLimiter option, and 10 intensity levels. Includes three collars and a handheld.

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Sport Pro Combo SKU: 010-01205-00
Delta® XC/Delta Sport™ XC Collar SKU: 010-01470-21


Q: What is the range on the garmin sport pro?

A: The garmin sport pro has a range of up to 3/4 mile.

Q: What collars can be used on the garmin sport pro?

A: The pt 10 and the pt 5 collar will both work with the garmin sport pro.

Q: Can you stimulate more then 1 dog at a time with the garmin sport pro?

A: No. You can only stimulate 1 dog at a time. You can have up to 3 dogs on the system.

Q: Is the garmin sport pro waterproof?

A: It is water resistant up to 3 meters and 1 hour. However, the garmin sport pro handheld will float in water.

Q: Turning the barklimiter on.

A: To turn the barklimiter mode on press and hold the power button on the pt10 collar until led light turns blue.

Q: Pairing a collar to handheld

A: Press and hold power button on collar continue to hold power button as the light goes from green to blue to yellow. When light goes to yellow, press the appropriate traing key on handheld. The collar will give a series of tones immediately release both buttons. The devices will now be paired.