Garmin Pro 550 2 Dog Combo

Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 550 2-Dog

  • Choose your collar color! The Garmin Pro 550 is color coded so you can match you collars to the handheld; the colors on the handheld buttons are black, red, and blue. 

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Pro 550 Combo SKU: 010-01202-00
PT 10 Collar SKU: 010-01209-10
Garmin Pro Series Holster SKU: 010-11887-10
Leather Holster SKU: PROLH


Q: Which collars work with the garmin pro 550?

A: The pt5 and pt10 are the compatible collars for the garmin pro 550.

Q: What is the green button on the garmin pro 550 used for?

A: The green button is the tone button when pressed will give an audible tone to the dog selected.

Q: What is the range one the garmin pro 550?

A: The range on the garmin pro 550 is 1 mile.

Q: What is the battery life on the garmin pro 550?

A: The battery life on the garmin pro 550 handheld is 24 hours and 40 hours on the collar during typical use.

Q: Will the upland beeper work with the garmin pro 550?

A: Yes, but only with the pt10 collar.

Q: Turning the barklimiter on.

A: To turn the barklimiter mode on press and hold the power button on the pt10 collar until led light turns blue.

Q: Pairing a collar to handheld

A: Press and hold power button on collar continue to hold power button as the light goes from green to blue to yellow. When light goes to yellow, press the appropriate traing key on handheld. The collar will give a series of tones immediately release both buttons. The devices will now be paired.