Garmin TT10/TT15/T5 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Garmin TT10/TT15/T5 Lithium Ion Battery Pack


Garmin Alpha Collar Lithium Ion Battery Pack- Replacement Battery for the TT10, TT15, and T5 GPS Collar Transmitters

Replacement battery for TT-10 collar – Garmin Brand

This durable lithium-ion battery pack powers the TT-10 dog GPS Track and Train collar.

To help extend the life of the battery in your Garmin TT10 GPS collars, don’t put your batteries away after the hunting season is over or for any extended period of time, dead or partially charged.  We recommend charging up your batteries fully before putting them away any extended period of time.  This will help extend the battery life of your Garmin TT10 collar batteries.


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