Glow Tuff DC40 Replacement Antenna colors
Glow Tuff DC40 Replacement Antenna colors
Glow Tuff DC40 Replacement Antenna
Glow Tuff DC40 Replacement Antenna rings
glow tuff dc40 replacement antenna ends

Glow Tuff DC40 Replacement Antenna

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Outdoor Dog Supply’s Glow Tuff Long Range DC40 Antenna

These long-range antennas are heavier duty than the ones that originally come on the DC30 and DC40 collars. They have better range and come in many bright colors. These antennas are 20 inches long.

For use with Garmin Astro DC40 and Garmin DC30 dog tracking GPS collars.

1-year manufacturer warranty, minus dog chews or hog damage.

Made in the USA!

To Remove your old antenna from the collar:

  1. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the two mounting-plate screws and the mounting plate from the collar.
  2. Remove the collar strap.
  3. Remove the rubber cover from the VHF antenna-connector screw.
  4. Remove the VHF antenna-connector screw.

To attach your new antenna to the collar:

  1. Attach the VHF antenna connector to the DC 40 with the VHF antenna-connector screw.
  2. Place the rubber cover over the VHF antenna-connector screw.
  3. Replace the collar strap.
  4. Connect the DC 40 to the collar using the mounting plate and the two mounting-plate screws.



  1. 5 out of 5

    This antenna has had a lot of thought put in it. It’s made out of a stainless steel whip cable with a highly visible low memory coating. With all the testing we have done this antenna complements or surpasses all other antennas out there for the dc30 and dc40 antennas. The antennas are also soldered and the ring terminals are heaver duty then other antennas we have seen.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I ordered the 20″ version and have much better communication between my Astro and DC 40 than with the supplied Garmin antenna. It is also more flexible and with various color choices, more visible. The terminal connection at the 220 end is heavier duty. After testing the first one, I ordered one for my 2nd collar. The free shipping was received in two days. I have recommended this product to my hunting friends.

  3. 5 out of 5

    great item will buy more in the futhure great price also !!!!!

  4. 5 out of 5

    I ordered one of these to see if my husband could get them to work on a DC50 because I wanted pink. Needless to say he did and I will be ordering more of them. They are exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much. Very pleased as always!!!

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