Go Dog - Hydration Supplement
Go Dog - Hydration Supplement
Go Dog - Hydration Supplement
Go Dog - Hydration Supplement

Go Dog – Hydration Supplement

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Hydration Nutritional Supplement

K9 Power GO DOG,™ is created for a dog’s metabolism and provides electrolytes, short-burst and long-range energy fuels, plus vital buffering elements. These elements provide metabolic acid (H+) buildup. By using K9 GO DOG, this dog hydration product will give your dog re-hydration and maximize the performance within your dog’s power zone.
This increases energy levels in slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in your dog.

Benefits of GO DOG supplement for your pet:
• Real meat flavor
• Boosts exercise tolerance
• Controls hydration levels
• Supports muscle function and fluid balance
• Gives the correct glucose metabolism
• Gives performance and endurance
• Gives normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function
• Gives electrolyte balance
• Controls normal fluid balance in the blood and tissues
• Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity
• A clean energy Source – No sugar rush. No crash.
• Support energy production
• Encourages healthy endurance and stamina.

Serving Size: 48cc = 3 ½ tbs
1-lb Container: 22 Servings
2-lb Container: 45 Servings

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Chicken, Coconut oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride), Chicken fat, Agave nectar, Rice Concentrate, Calcium lactate, Magnesium citrate, Protein Free Beef Tallow, Salt, Potassium chloride, L-Threonine*, Creatine*, Acetyl L-Carnitine*, L-Lysine HCL*, L-Glutamine*, L-Leucine*, Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid*, L-Tryptophan*, Quercetin*, L-Alanine*, Glycerol, Sodium citrate, Potassium Citrate. *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Contains No: flax, wheat, gluten, soy, by-products, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Usage of Dog Hydration Product: Formulated for Dogs 6 months and older



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