1″ Leather Center Ring Dog Collar

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Leather 1″ Center Ring Dog Collar

These are custom made leather D ring collar straps with a middle O ring that are made especially for Outdoor Dog Supply. The leather collars are made out of real leather creating a soft tough and authentic smell. Show off your dogs with style, durability and comfort! They are high quality leather that have stainless steel fittings with a buckle and D ring for clipping a lead to. The holes are custom to Outdoor Dog Supply by the tight hole spacing making it comfortable for dogs. There are about 15 holes on the collar are about a quarter inch apart between each hole to produce more flexibility and durability for the neck size. These are 1″ Wide. This collar is perfect for dogs who like to rough play around. This collar fits in any dog’s lifestyle from being a home body to constantly being outside to hunting activities.
Our collars are all made and manufactured in the United States.

These look great with our brass name plates! These collars come in 3 different sizes.


  • 19″ collar – fits necks of 12″ to 19″
  • 23″ collar – fits necks of 16″ to 23″
  • 27″ collar – fits necks of 20″ to 27″

For your convenience, we include a brass name tag plate riveted on the collar strap.
Each name tag plate is provided up to 3 lines of personalized contact information of your choice. The text on the name tag plates are in all caps making it consistent and readable.

Here are what most of our customers request on our name tags:

First Line: Your name OR Dog’s Name (18 characters including spaces)
Second Line: Phone Number OR Address (16 characters including spaces)
Third Line: Phone Number OR Address (18 characters including spaces)

Some only use the 2 lines provided and not all 3


First Line: Your Name OR Dog’s Name (18 characters including spaces)
Second Line:
Third Line: Phone Number OR Address (18 characters including spaces)

Other Common information requested on name tag plates:
Hunt Club
Radio Channel
Don’t Pick Up
Don’t Remove Collar
Owner’s Name

19″ SKU: ODSBUL-D&O1-19
UPC: 024764785478
23″ SKU: ODSBUL-D&O1-23
UPC: 024764785485
27″ SKU: ODSBUL-D&O1-27
UPC: 024764785492


  1. 5 out of 5

    I searched high and low for a classy, affordable leather collar with a riveted plate and this is the one! The product is high quality, the engraving has exactly what we asked for, and you just can’t best the price. I have recommended this product to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you again!

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