Lupine Replacement Strap-No Holes
Lupine Replacement Strap-No Holes
PetSafe® YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence on Lupine Straps

Lupine Replacement Strap-No Holes

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Lupine Replacement 3/4″ wide Collar

Lupine dog collars retired strap 3/4″ wide. This collar is a one size fits collar strap.  Lupine Dog Collars retired are Made in the USA. The Lupine collar is made of high-quality, waterproof, quick drying woven nylon, this 3/4″ collar is designed by Lupine, the leading manufacturer of dog collars.  With heavy duty side release clasps, the collar is adjustable and versatile, fitting dogs of all sizes, from very little to very large, up to 26″.  Easily adjust the to the appropriate size. Fits Garmin BarkLimiter, Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe, and many other bark collars and pet fence, dog fence containment collars including but not limited to:

Remote Trainer Receiver Collars

  • Garmin Delta
  • Garmin Delta Sport
  • Dogtra Replacement Collar IQ
  • Dogtra Replacement Collar 300M Element Training Collar
  • Dogtra Replacement Collar 302M Element Training Collars
  • D280NCP Platinum Training Collar
  • D282 NCP Platinum Training Collar
  • D1900 NCP FieldStar Training Collar
  • D1902NPC Field Star Training Collar
  • D2300 NCP Advance Training Collar
  • D2302 NCP Advance Training Collar
  • D3500NCP Super X Training Collar
  • D3502NCP Super X Training Collar
  • Dogtra Replacement Edge Training Collar Receiver
  • Dogtra SureStim M Plus Receiver Training Collar
  • Dogtra SureStim H Receiver Training Collar
  • Innotek Lap Dog Trainer with Tone Train Feature Collar
  • Pet Safe Yard and Park Remote Trainer Collar
  • Pet Safe Remote Trainer with Vibration Receiver Collar
  • Pet Safe Remote Trainer with Vibration Plus Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Field Trainer 425 Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Field Trainer 425S Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Wetland Hunter 425 Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Sport Hunter 825 Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Wetland Hunter Receiver Collar
  • SportDog ProHunter Receiver Collar
  • SportDog Upland Hunter 1875 Receiver Collars
  • SportDog Hound Hunter Receiver Collar
  • TriTronics Sport Basic G3 Receiver Collar
  • TriTronics Sport Upland G3 Exp Receiver Collar
  • TriTronics Classic 70 G3 Remote Trainer Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Classic 70 G3 Exp Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Field 90 Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Flyaway Special G3 EXP Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics TrashBreaker G3 Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics G3 EXP w/ Tracker Light Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Upland Special G3 EXP Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Pro 100 G3 EXP Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Pro 200 G3 EXP Receiver Collar
  • Tri Tronics Pro500 G3 EXP Receiver Collar

Pet Containment System Collars:

  • Dogtra eF-3000 e-fence Receiver Collar
  • Innotek ZND-1200 Instant Pet Barrier Receiver Collar
  • Pet Safe Play + Stay Wireless Fence Receiver Collar
  • Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Play + Stay Wireless Fence Receiver Collar
  • Pet Safe Pawz Away Receiver Collar

Bark Collars:

  • Dogtra YS500 Yapper Stopper
  • Pet Safe Vibration Bark Control Collar
  • Pet Safe Big Dog Spray Bark Control
  • Pet Safe Vibration Bark Plus Collar
  • Pet Safe Deluxe LIttle Dog Spray Bark Control Collar
  • Pet Safe Gental Spray Anti-Bark Control Collar
  • MultiVet Spray Commander



  1. 4 out of 5

    The colors are great! The buckles aren’t as substantial as I thought they would be but they are ok. Easy to replace the old strap. Was sent one with holes by accident but it still worked.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I purchased the 3/4″ Lupine replacement collar in the Jelly Roll pattern to replace the plastic strap that came with my Garmin SportPRO training system, and it is a perfect fit. Once adjusted to properly fit your dog’s neck, the convenient side release design of the “YKK” buckle used on the Lupine collar enables you to put it on and take it off very quickly and easily.

    Lupine products are very durable and are also available in many different sizes, colors and patterns. Additionally, all of their products are made in the USA (North Conway, NH) and they really stand behind their products. Lupine products are guaranteed for life, even if they are chewed by your dog.

    I currently use several of their products including adjustable collars, padded handle leashes, harnesses and matching dog tags in the Jelly Roll pattern and various other seasonal patterns. The Lupine collar I just purchased for my dog Skylar’s SportPRO training system matches perfectly with the rest of her Lupine gear.

    I want to thank Outdoor Dog Supply for making Lupine collars available to its customers.

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