Mini Educator Remote Dog Trainer ET-302 E-Collar- 2 Collars
Mini Educator Remote Dog Trainer ET-302 E-Collar- 2 Collars
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e-collar for the mini educator remote dog trainer et-302
mini educator remote dog trainer et-302 with e-collar

Mini Educator Remote Dog Trainer ET-302 E-Collar- 2 Collars

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Mini Educator Remote Dog Trainer ET-302 E-Collar- 2 Dog E-Collars

This reliable and humane remote trainer has big performance in a small package! You can maintain control up to 1/2 a mile!


  • Has up to a 1/2 mile range. Great for recalling your dog at long distances
  • Has 100 levels of stimulation that is fully adjustable by a precision rotary dial
  • “Blunt” stimulation provides a sensation that is effective but not harmful
  • Unique tapping sensation technology proven to produce a sensation twice as effective as existing vibration e-collars
  • Has three programmable modes of operation for maximum flexibility

1. Continuous/momentary/continuous boost/momentary boost/tapping sensation

2. Continuous/continuous boost/tapping sensation

3. Momentary/momentary boost/tapping sensation

  • Boost level is adjustable from 1 to 60 providing precision control of the boosted level
  • Separate stimulation booster button allows for instant response to emergency situations
  • “Lock and Set” stimulation feature (patent pending) prevents accidental over stimulation
  • 100% Waterproof and shock resistant to provide years of reliable service
  • Programmable night tracking light with flashing and constant modes
  • Employs 2 hour quick charge li-polymer batteries
  • 2 year full warranty
  • Assembled in the USA!


What’s included:

  • Mini Educator Remote
  • 2 Mini Educator E-Collars on straps of your choice
  • Wall AC Charger for collar and remote
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Outdoor Dog Supply Lanyard
  • Test Light
  • Contact Posts
  • Contact Post tool



  1. 5 out of 5

    I have the 320TS Mini Educator ECollar Remote Trainer and I highly recommend it. I use the Mini Educator on my Shih Tzu and two of my deer beagles. I rarely have to shock my Shih Tzu because of the great vibration feature. It has made her a great outside dog and now she listens very well when most Shih Tzu’s don’t listen very well outside. I turn the beacon light on when I take her outside at night. The 0 to 100 stimulation level allows me to use it on my 10 lb. ShihTzu or break my deer beagles, cold track or a hot chase, or annoying barking in their pen. All around it is a great system for the low price and I highly recommend this remote trainer.

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