ODS Field Trial Blanket

ODS Field Trial Blanket

ODS Field Trial Blankets are durable and lightweight. Three sizes available.

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Durable light weight ODS field trial blankets made of Kevlar and military grade material. Comes with two adjustable straps. Comes in extra small, Beagle, Beagle large Small, Large and extra large hound. Guaranteed to last all trial season. Comes with 1 year warranty.

The extra small is recommended for smaller framed beagles – you cannot fit 3 large numbers on this blanket, only 2 numbers will fit! 3 numbers may fit but only if one of the numbers is a “1”

Extra Small- fits 12 to 15 inch small framed beagles (any 3 digit number will have to have a 1 to fit)

Beagle- fits 14 to 17 inch smaller framed beagles

Beagle Large- fits 15 to 18 inch thicker framed beagles

Small Hound- Fits your average smaller framed field trial hound

Large Hound- Fits your average larger framed field trial hound

Extra large- It takes a good size hound to fit in one of these blankets( can also be used for small to medium size labs, bird dogs ext)



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