Pet Fence Repair Splices
Pet Fence Repair Splices
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Pet Fence Repair Splices

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Repair Splices for your Pet Fence

These splice kits make fixing your electrical fence easy and effective. This works with professional and home installed pet fences. The kit comes with wire nuts and waterproof splice case with silicon inside. You will have your dog fence back up and working in no time! All you need to do is find the break in the wire and strip the wires approximately 1-2″. Place the wire nut over the 2 ends of stripped wire and twist. Take the waterproof splice case with the silicon inside and place the wire nut and wires down into the silicon. If you are repairing a break in the boundary line, take a wire on each side of the indentions in the waterproof splice case and close until it’s secure. If you are repairing a break in the neutral line, make sure you put both wires out of one indention of the waterproof splice case. Lastly, bury the fixed wire in the waterproof splice case.

Works on all brands of pet fencing including Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Pet Safe®, Pet Stop®, Dog Guard®, etc.



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