Refurbished garmin delta sport xc handheld & delta xc collar strap
Refurbished garmin delta sport xc handheld & delta xc collar strap
Refurbished Garmin Delta Sport XC Handheld & Delta XC Collar

Factory Refurbished Garmin Delta Sport XC Handheld & Delta Sport XC Collar

This Refurbished Delta Sport XC Handheld & Delta Sport XC Collar can train up to 3 dogs with a 3/4 mile range with 18 correction levels.  Includes one refurbished Garmin Delta Sport XC collar and one refurbished handheld.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Ok first I’ll explain why I didn’t rate this item 5 stars. I tested the range of the product on an open road / straight line with the assistance of a friend and a gps collar. I was only able to achieve 238 yards of consistent function using tone and vibrate. Not near 3/4 of a mile. There was no clouds and no tree canopy nor any power line of any sort as we were on our hunting lease to interfere with the signal. That’s being said, once I placed the collar on one of my young dogs I was able to achieve 368 yards of consistent correction in a wooded area including both pine and hardwoods. It made me and my friend scratch our head. I am please with the product because during hunting situations my dogs won’t be in the wide open often. I’m not sure the max range but I was able to get consistent corrections at 300-350+ yards in the woods. I have read other reviews on the lack of stimulation with this collar and as a deer dog hunter of over 35 years with experience with multiple training collars this collar has plenty of stimulation. However with the delta sport XC there are different modes with basically a high/ low output. In some settings the momentary stimulation is low and in others high. Same for the continuous stimulation. The VCM mode is what I used during my test of operation and I am please with this product, minus the straight line range issue.

  2. 4 out of 5

    This collar and remote works as promised though learning how to put it in the bark & training mode took a while to figure out. My dog is part bulldog so getting the static to actually get through his coat/skin takes a very tight collar and the long prongs. I feel like he can’t swallow with it on though he is probably fine. When he shakes it moves the prongs off his throat and then he can bark again so constantly adjusting it. This being said, it is the only thing that has limited his barking. We have used sonic devices, spraying, and other noise discouraging methods with no effect. We do still have to use a prong collar for walks or he will still pull. Tried just zapping, vibrating or using sound and it didn’t work for pulling on leash. I am hopeful that results will continue to improve with use.

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