SportDOG SportHunter 825X Combo
SportDOG SportHunter 825X Combo
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SportDog SportHunter 825X HH in Back
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SportDOG SportHunter 825X Combo

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SKU: SD-825X
UPC: 729849166066
Collar UPC: 729849166103


Q: Does it come with batteries?

A: Yes, both the collar and handheld use rechargeable batteries, the chargers are included.

Q: What age should my dog be to use this?

A: You can start training with this system as early as 6 months, however they can get used to the collar even earlier.

Q: Does this track?

A: No, this is training only.

Q: Do I have to be able to see my dog to use this?

A: No, if your dog is getting into the trash in the other room and needs a correction, it still works! So long as your pet is within range.

Q: Does this work with long-hair dogs like shepherds?

A: Yes, the system comes with interchangeable contact posts so you can easily switch out to the longer posts for those thicker or longer haired dogs.

Q: Is there a place on the handheld to attach a lanyard?

A: Yes, there is. In fact we include an Outdoor Dog Supply lanyard with your purchase

Q: What is the range?

A: Up to 1/2 mile

Q: Can my dog swim with the collar on?

A: Yes, since the collar is waterproof and submersible up to 25 ft swimming will pose no issue!

Q: Do you have to wake up the remote to use it or is it ready to use in an instant?

A: There is no sleep mode on this system so it will activate the collar when you press a button

Q: How loud is the tone? Will I be able to hear it if my dog is not nearby?

A: No, the tone will not be audible if your dog is too far away, the beep is a signal for your dog and not meant to use to locate your pet.

Q: Does the antenna have to be on it to work?

A: Yes, the handheld will not work without the antenna attached

Q: Is the static stimulation safe for my dog?

A: While Continuous or Momentary static stimulation may be unpleasant, it is harmless to your dog. Electronic training devices require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.

Q: How old should my dog be to use this trainer?

A: Age is not as important as your dog’s developmental ability to learn. Your dog should be able to learn basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay.” The Collar Receiver may be too large for dogs under 8 pounds.

Q: Once my dog is trained and has been obeying my commands, does he still have to wear the collar?

A: Your dog may need to wear the Collar Receiver from time to time for reinforcement. Also, many hunters keep the Collar Receiver on their dogs while hunting for maximum control because they possess a high drive and experience many distractions while in the field.

Q: Can I use this around salt water, like at the beach?

A: If the Collar Receiver is used in or around salt water, the Collar Receiver should be rinsed with fresh water following each use.

Q: Can I use this remote trainer for more than one dog?

A: Yes, your remote trainer is expandable to a maximum of 3 dogs. SportDOG® Add-A-Dog® Collar Receivers must be purchased.

Q: Can I use this remote trainer on aggressive dogs?

A: We do not recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs. We recommend you contact your local veterinarian or professional trainer if you believe your dog might be aggressive.

Q: Will I get the exact range claimed with this remote trainer?

A: The range you get with your remote trainer will vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio devices.

Q: How long can I continuously deliver static stimulation to my dog?

A: The maximum amount of time you can press the Continuous Static Stimulation Button and deliver static stimulation to your dog continuously is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Remote Transmitter will “time-out,” and the Continuous Static Stimulation Button must be released and pressed again.

Q: What do I do if my dog’s neck becomes red and irritated?

A: This condition is due to the Contact Points irritating the skin. Discontinue use of the Collar Receiver for a few days. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian. Once the skin returns to normal, resume use, and monitor the skin condition closely. Avoid leaving the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours per day.

Q: The intensity dial seems difficult to rotate, is this normal?

A: Yes. This prevents accidental changes in intensity and encourages an optimal waterproof seal. The knob will “break in” and be slightly easier to turn as you use it.

Q: Can I attach a leash to this remote trainer?

A: DO NOT attach a leash to your remote trainer. You may put a separate non-metallic collar on your dog’s neck and attach a leash. Be sure the extra collar does not interfere with the Contact Points.

Q: My dog is not responding when I press a button.

A:Check to see if the Collar Receiver has been turned on and the Indicator Light is flashing. If your range has reduced from the first time you have used it, please check to see if the battery is low in either the Remote Transmitter or Collar Receiver. Many factors can impact the range you have with your system. You can verify the Collar Receiver is delivering static stimulation to your dog by placing the test light, enclosed in your kit, on the Collar Receiver. Increase the Intensity Dial.
Increase the Static Stimulation Range. Make sure the Collar Receiver’s Contact Points are placed snugly against your dog’s skin. You may need to switch to the longer Contact Points included with your system or trim the hair beneath the Contact Points. Never shave the dog’s neck. If you notice your operating time dropping to about half the original time, your Collar Receiver battery needs to be replaced.

Q: The collar receiver won’t turn on.

A: Make sure the Collar Receiver has been charged. The Collar Receiver will charge in 2 hours.

Q: Collar receiver is not responding to the remote transmitter.

A: Make sure the Remote Transmitter has been charged. The Remote Transmitter will charge in 2 hours. Verify the Collar Receiver has been turned on and the Indicator Light is flashing.