4.7 hood mount
4.7 hood mount
3 piece connect for the truck hood mount
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Truck Hood Mount with Tram 48″ Antenna for Alpha or Astro

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Truck Hood Mount with 48″ Antenna for the Garmin Alpha 100 or Garmin Astro 430, 320, 220

This antenna is great for those that do not wish to put a magnet on their truck. The antenna attaches to the hood of your truck and is very easy to install- just screw it tight and shut your hood. The antenna is a long range and is tuned into the Garmin frequency.

The connector on this antenna is a quick connect end and does require the adapter for it. If you do not already have the quick connect on your handheld we offer a 2 piece kit and 3 piece kit as an upgrade for this antenna.



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