window suction double mount for garmin alpha

Window Suction Double Mount for Garmin Alpha 100, Astro 430, 320, and DriveTrack 70

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This window mount holds your DriveTrack 70 & Garmin Handheld (Alpha 100 or Astro 430) on one mount. This mount is a heavy-duty suction mount that has two suction cups with the easy to use locking mechanism. This suction cup locking mechanism uses a twist switch to activate the suction for it to keep it in place that provides a strong secure attachment to the window. This is not your typical everyday suction cup. You have to unlock the suction cup to move it. The double window mount is perfect for your handheld, it will sit right next to your DriveTrack 70 for quick and easy removal when leaving the truck. There are 3 adjustable joints that are movable by tightening and loosening the knobs. This allows you to get the perfect angle. This mount holds both your handheld and DriveTrack 70 approximately 13″ from your window made out of a metal and plastic material making this a great addition to your hunting accessories.

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