Registering Your Garmin Handheld

Step 1: Visit Garmin’s site by clicking here.  You now will be asked to sign into your Garmin Account. If you already have a Garmin Account you can log in here and go directly to step 4. If you do not yet have a Garmin Account you will have to create a new one by clicking “Create One”

Getting Started

Step 3: (If you have already logged into your Garmin Account skip this step) – when you click on “Create One” a window will pop up. Fill in the information it asks for and then choose “Create Account”

Make an Account

Step 4: Now you will have to enter in the serial number of your Alpha or Astro handheld. The serial number can be found under the battery in the battery compartment. Make sure to double check your serial number to make sure it is correct before you click “submit”

Product Serial Number

Step 5: Now it will show you your serial # and the device name. Click “Next”

Step 6: Your Garmin Registration is now complete!

Registration Complete