How to Repair Dog Fence Wire Break

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Start your electric dog fence wire repair by stripping the ends of your wires about a ½ and inch and twist them together like in the first image. Then cut it down just a bit before screwing your nut on nice and tight.
Found breakWireTwist on nut

This is the inside of the splice. You can see the protective gel inside of it, this is what waterproofs your splice.

The nut with the wires goes into the splice, make sure you get it nice and snug in there. Some of the gel may come out around the edge, that is ok. Just snap it down and you are good to go. Your break is now repaired and you may now re-bury the wire and splice.

inside of splicePut nut on wires in splicesnap down onto wiresRepaired and ready for burial

Your invisible fence repair is finished. The repaired piece of fence is now buried back under the ground.