Updating Your Garmin Products

Garmin engineers are constantly making improvements on the software of the Alpha 100, Astro 430, Astro 320, and respective collars (DC50, T5, TT10, TT15 Standard and Mini). Here we will show you how to update Garmin products and make sure your handheld and collars are up to date with the most current software.

Before you start you will need to visit Garmin’s website and download the WebUpdater Software:

After you have installed the WebUpdater to your computer the rest of the process is pretty easy!

Step 1: Connect your handheld via the USB cable. The USB ports on the Alpha and Astro can be found in the back of the unit.

Step 2: Run the WebUpdater, below is the first window you will see. Click “Next”

Web Updater Step 1

Step 3: If your device is not already showing, click on “Find Device”. As you can see from the picture bellow it has found my Astro 320 Unit (If you are updating a Garmin Alpha it will show Alpha 100 and your Unit ID). Click “Next”

Web Updater Step 3

Step 4: Looks like my Astro needs an update! Click “Next”

Web Updater Step 4

Step 5: Review any notes that pop up regarding your software update, in this case it suggests new batteries. Once you have done what is suggested click “Next”

Web Updater Step 5

Step 6: Review software change history… click “next”

Web Updater Step 6

Step 7: Agree to the Terms and Conditions… click “Next”

Web Updater Step 7

Step 8: You’ll see the Updater updating your device- when complete click “Finish”

Web Updater Step 8

Step 9: Looks like we have successfully updated our device- click “Next” This will check if there are additional updates, if no updates are found you may click cancel and your handheld unit is now updated to the most recent software.

Web Updater Step 9

Updating your collars:

Step 1: Attach your charging clip to the collar you wish to update

Step 2: Using the USB cable connect your collar to your computer

Step 3: Just like you did with the handheld, run updater and select your device (following the steps above) and follow the prompts.