Dog Fences & Accessories

There are many options out there for pet fences that don’t require an actual fence. Here we have our own pet fence selection that can either be buried in-ground or are used wirelessly, which don’t require wire or burial at all. Both types of “invisible” pet fence systems are easy to install and work great to keep your pet in the areas you want them, and out of the places you don’t! We also have all of the accessories for the various systems you could need – including contact posts, replacement straps, batteries, Invisible Fence compatible collars, repair kits, and more for Invisible Fence kits! It really is your one-stop shop for your perimeter dog fence needs.

  • In-Ground Pet Fences

    In-Ground Fences

  • Wireless Pet Fences

    Wireless Pet Fences

  • Invisible Fence Compatible

    Invisible Fence® Compatible

  • Pet Fence Accessories

    Pet Fence Accessories

  • breakfinders & wire locators

    Breakfinders & Wire Locators

In-Ground Fences

These fences are easy to install and can be customized to your yard – just run the wire however you need it! Keep your pets out of the flower beds, away from the pool, or fence in just the back yard. The possibilities are endless with in-ground dog fence wire.

Wireless Dog Fences

No wire needed – the wireless fences are great for smaller areas and are portable as well. No messing with wire, just plug the unit in and program it for the distance you need! Doesn’t get much easier than that! Keep in mind these wireless fences work on a radius and cannot be made to go around certain areas like the in-ground fences.

Invisible Fence® Compatible

All of these products work with the Invisible Fence® series of underground fencing systems. Additional collars, straps, contact posts, batteries, and more for Invisible Fence kits. The Invisible Fence Brand has two different style of receiver collars.  Please pay close attention when ordering a replacement collar strap, so you don’t order the wrong one.  The R21/R51 receiver can come in several different colors, but they all are this shape.  The Invisible Fence Microlite collar receiver looks like this .


Get all of the accessories for your pet fences in one place! Replacement batteries, straps, contact posts, repair kits, and more!

Breakfinders and Wire Locators

Is your underground pet fence not working? You probably have a break in your wire – and a breakfinder will help you locate it. The hardest part is finding the damaged part of your fence and our wire locator makes it simple! Fixing the break is easy and only takes a few minutes before your pet fence is up again and the dogs are once again safe in your yard!