Field Trial Blankets & Accessories

Whatever you need for your field trials, we have it! With an assortment of blankets, covers, numbers and more, this hunting dog training equipment section is your one stop for field trial supplies.

Pre-Numbered Custom Blankets

These blankets come with your chosen numbers already on them – just put them on your dogs and they are good to go! These look really good and are easy to see, but are not easy to “re-number”.

Sticker Blankets

These hunting dog field trial blankets by Halemar are re-usable and come with a set of number stickers. The blankets can be re-numbered, but the stickers cannot be reused after they’re removed from the blankets.

Paint On Blankets

Paint on blankets that are re-usable and can be re-numbered! These blankets allow you to paint your numbers directly on the blanket. Put your numbers on with a brush or use a set of our handy stencils.

Cover Blankets

Use these blankets to protect the numbers painted on your dogs and prevent them from chewing or licking. These are not recommended to put numbers directly on, but to protect the numbers already on the dog.