Micro Holes
Micro Holes

3/4″ Replacement Collar Strap for Hidden Fences

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Q: Does this strap work with Invisible Fence collars?

A: Yes, but ONLY the Invisible Fence MicroLite, this will NOT work on any other Invisible Fence Collars.

Q: Can this collar be cut?

A: Yes, if you need to trim the collar you can cut the excess and sear the end with a lighter.

Q: What is the measurement between the holes?

A: From the center of each hole it is 1 1/4″.

Q: How do I attach my fence receiver to the collar?

A: It’s actually pretty easy. The pre-cut holes in the collar allow you to attach the correction contact points to the collar box. You just unscrew them from your existing collar and screw them back on the new collar.