Boundary Training Flags For Pet Fences

Boundary Training Flags For Pet Fences

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Boundary Flags for Underground Pet Fences

Train your pet with the invisible fence flags that professional pet fence companies use every day. These are not the short flimsy or cheap plastic kind that you can’t easily get into the ground, that bend or break. These flags are approximately 12″ tall with a metal pole and a white flag that has Outdoor Dog Supply, boundary training flags and our website on it in orange.

To set the flags, use the beep from the receiver collar to set each flag to the proper place on your fence line, you should hold the receiver down at your side, right around your knee.  The easiest way to space the flags is to take 3 long strides from one flag to the next, or every 6 to 10 feet.

You should flag your entire fence line, including any areas that are looped out such as flower beds or pools.  100 flags will mark up to approximately 1000 ft of your underground fence boundary line.

After about 2 weeks you can begin to remove the flags. The flags should fade away, to accomplish this, pull every other flag out, wait 2 days, then again pull every other flag out, wait 2-3 more days before removing all of the remaining flags.  This method gives your pet over a 1 week to get used to its new boundaries as the flags slowly fade away.



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