Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe on Colored Strap

Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

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Q: What is the difference between the Garmin Barklimiter and the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe?

A:The Garmin Barklmiter is a replaceable battery that is not able to be recharged. The Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe has a rechargeable battery.

Q: Is the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe compatible with any of the Garmin Remote Trainers?

A: No, the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe is strictly a bark collar. It is not compatible with any of the Garmin Remote Trainers. If a training collar and bark collar are both necessary, some of the Remote Trainers such as a Garmin Delta Sport XC, have the Barklimiter feature built into the collar itself.

Q: Is there a correction mode other then a shock?

A: Yes, the Barklimiter Deluxe has a Vibration setting. The Vibration is used just like the Shock and is administered when a bark is detected by the collar.

Q: Is there a setting that gradually raises the level of stimulation on the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe?

A: Yes, the Autorise Technology gradually raises the level of stimulation until the unnecessary barking is deterred. Once the Dog is quiet for a long period of time, the level of intensity will gradually decrease. The collar also allows a manual setting so that the level of intensity can be manually set by the handler.

Q: Setting Up the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe

A: When the collar first comes in, it is highly recommend that the collar receives a good full, initial charge. Once the collar is charged and the collar is turned on, if it is left in the mode it arrived on, the Barklimiter Deluxe will be in the Autorise mode. To put the collar in a specific level of stimulation, turn the dial onto the desired level.

Q: The Barklimiter’s probes will not reach through the dogs fur

A: If the short prongs that come standard on the Barklimiter Deluxe do not go through the fur, it is recommended that the long prongs are put on the collar. To do so, the wrench that comes in the box can be used to loosen the short prongs. Once those are off, the long prongs screw right into the Barklimiter Deluxe. Once they are on, the wrench can be used to tighten them down.

Q: The Barklimiter Deluxe is not stopping the Dog from barking

A: If the Barklimiter Deluxe is not picking up the dogs barking, it is more than likely to lose on the dogs neck. The collar must be tight enough around the dog’s neck that it does to slide or rotate but not so tight that the dog cannot eat or drink normally. Wiggle the collar through the dog’s fur to make sure that the contact posts get through. If the contact posts are to short, the long contact posts will be needed on the Garmin Barklimiter Deluxe.

Q: Changing the Intensity level on the Barklimiter Deluxe

A: The dial on the bottom of the Barklimiter Deluxe collar control the intensity of the shock. The “V” is the vibrate mode, the “A” is the automatic mode. The number 1-7 are the levels of intensity for the shock.