Repair Kit for Dog Fence Underground Systems

Repair Kit for Dog Fence Underground Systems

Wire Replacement and repair kit for underground fences. Wire and repair nuts and casings included in this electric fence repair kit.

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Invisible Fence Repair Kit for Dog Fence Underground Systems

Need to repair your invisible dog fence  and want to fix it yourself, but you don’t have the wire or underground splices? Here’s the answer to your problems! This kit comes with professional grade wire (16 awg solid wire with a 45 mil jacket) length of your choice, wire nuts and waterproof splice case with silicon inside. You will have your dog fence back up and working in no time!

The wire in this kit will work with any pet fence. It is a 16 awg solid wire with a 45 mil jacket.  The jacket on the wire is important because it protects the wire. Even if your current wire is not this grade or size you can still attach this wire to your wire.

How to Use Electric Dog Fence Repair Kit:

First find the break in the wire and strip the wires approximately 1-2″. If replacing the wire make sure your wire is long enough for the desired replacement area. Splice both ends of the wire and the current wire under the ground that you are attaching the new wire to. Place the wire nut over the 2 ends of stripped wire and twist. Take the waterproof splice case with the silicon inside and place the wire nut and wires down into the silicon. If you are repairing a break in the boundary line, take a wire on each side of the indentions in the waterproof splice case and close until it’s secure. If you are repairing a break in the neutral line, make sure you put both wires out of one indention of the waterproof splice case. Lastly, bury the fixed wire in the waterproof splice case.



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