Wire Locator and Breakfinder How To Directions

What’s Included

Before you start trying to find breaks in your invisible dog fence, go ahead and pull out all the pieces of your breakfinder:

1- Case

2- Wire Locator Transmitter (the one with the alligator clips)

3- Wire locator Receiver

4- Headphones (for noisy areas)

5- two 9 volt batteries

6- One year warranty


Getting to know the Breakfinder:

1- This button activates a light at the front of the Receiver

2- This is the light, turned on by the “Push to Lamp” button (#1)

3- Headphone Jack, the receiver has a speaker on the back so you do not have to use this

4- Volume knob

5- Power Switch

6- Cable Scan, this mode sends the signal down the wire line

7- Off, for when you are not using the transmitter

8- To test the battery put on this mode and touch the two alligator clips together so the metal is touching. If the Status Light turns red the battery is good.

9- Status Light

10- Knob that controls the strength of the signal sent down the wire.

The first thing you need to do before you try to find breaks in your invisible dog fence is open up your batteries and put one in each Wire Locator

Each one goes into the back of each of the wire locators, they snap right in and fit snuggly. You can then put the backs back on and they will be ready to be used.

Now go to your transmitter. In this demonstration we are going to use a PetStop® transmitter. On some transmitters- like this one- it has a cover on it that you can just pop off. On others the wires are accessible without doing this. Invisible Fence® transmitters and most PetSafe® have small clips you press down and pull the cable ends out. You need to disconnect the fence wires on the transmitter so you can connect the wire locator transmitter to the fence wire. If you have a lightning arrester(plugs in the outlet and has the dog fence transmitter wires and the loop wires running in it) you can disconnect the loop side of it.


Pet Stop TransmitterTransmitter bareTransmitter remove wires

Clip the Wire Locator Transmitter to one of the fence wires using the alligator clamp (doesn’t matter which one). Once the transmitter is connected you can switch it to “Cable Scan” mode so that it will send the signal down the wire. It is best to hook the other alligator clip to the ground wire. If you have no ground wire, hook it to a receptacle screw or nothing at all. note: if you only hook to one wire and no ground it does not put out as much of a signal. Hooking up to both fence wires will be send a signal up to both sides of the break making it much harder to detect.Attach Blue ThingWith Clamps

Now that our Wire Locator Transmitter is hooked up and sending a signal with our fence unit we can use the Wire Locator Receiver to find the break in your invisible dog fence. To start turn your Wire Locator Receiver on near the transmitter. You should hear a very distinctive solid tone.  As you walk away from the transmitter the tone will disappear.  Hold the receiver pendulum near the ground and walk towards the wire, the tone should start to appear and get loudest right next to the wire.  As the pendulum goes directly over the wire the noise will cease then get loud again on the other side of the wire..   You will need to walk along your wire line slowly swinging the pendulum back and forth along it and listening to the tones. You can either use the headphones or the built in speaker. As you approach the break in the invisible dog fence the solid steady high pitch tone will start to soften. At or near the break in the invisible dog fence the tone will disappear (or drop of significantly), you can then hold that black piece parallel to the ground (see second picture below) and slowly move it across the line pinpointing the exact location within a couple of inches.

Walk along fence lineHold near ground sideways and sweepDig to find breakFound break

Once you find your break in the invisible dog fence you can dig up the wire, you can see here we have the two pieces that need to be reconnected and fixed.

Strip the ends of your wires about a ½ and inch and twist them together like in the first image, then cut it down just a bit before screwing your nut on nice and tight.

WireTwist on nut

This is the inside of the splice. You can see the protective gel inside of it, this is what waterproofs your splice.

The nut with the wires goes into the splice, make sure you get it nice and snug in there. Some of the gel may come out around the edge, that is ok. Just snap it down and you are good to go. Your invisible dog fence’s break is now repaired and you may now re-bury the wire and splice.

Inside of SplicePut nut on wires in splicesnap down onto wires

All finished. The repaired piece of fence is now buried back under the ground.

Repaired and ready for burial

Tips and Tricks from the Pro:

The above steps will fix most breaks in your invisible dog fence, but not all fences are installed the same. Sometimes other cable lines or a long twisted pairs will send a signal in more than one direction. So here are a few tips for those hard to find invisible dog fence breaks.

1: Most Invisible dog fences start with a twisted pair that leads from the transmitter to the outside loop in your yard. If this pair is very long it will couple a signal over to the parallel wire.

A: A way to eliminate this is to use the locator to trace the end of the pair (where it splits in your yard). Dig up the pair and disconnect it from your outside loop.

B: Reconnect your dog fence wires at the transmitter, second connect your two wires from your twisted pair. This should complete the loop and make your dog fence transmitter start working. If your invisible dog fence is still alarming the break is somewhere in the pair.

C: If your invisible dog fence unit starts working the break is in your outside loop. Now that the pair has been eliminated, hook your wire locator transmitter alligator clip to the outside loop wire. Hook the other clip to a shovel or screwdriver stuck in the ground. This forces the signal to only go in one direction having to end at the break in the invisible dog fence. If you question it in one direction hook it to the other side and see if the signal ends in the same spot. Mark this area when you are done and it is a great place to start if you ever get a break in the future.

D: As with everything we sell if you have questions call us at 757-482-1000.